Demi Lovato’s “Pieces Of A Heart”: Her New Single Gets A (Rumored) Title

Please let this news be true, because our hearts are in dire need of a break: Disney queen-turned-X Factor judgestress Demi Lovato, who is notably made of both glass (!) and paper (!!), is maybe set to release her new single this February.

Better news? We’ve got a rumored title — and like her 2012 smash “Give Your Heart a Break,” the new song is shaping up to be totally anatomical. (Not like that. Keep it clean, folks.)

According to a screenshot floating around of a tweet from MTV VJ Sway Calloway — who supposedly deleted it a few minutes later — Lovato’s single will be titled “Pieces Of A Heart” and is set to debut February 13 at 7:49 p.m. on MTV First. The LP is expected to follow this summer.

Given that there’s no evidence that the screenshot is real, it’s more than possible that those details are wrong — but it doesn’t seem premature for Lovatics to commence with the shaking and crying already.

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