Golden Globes: 10 Past Nominated Songs You Completely Forgot Existed

Remember These Tunes? Probably Not.
It’s officially Awards Season again and, rather predictably, everyone’s abuzz over the Academy Awards’ Best Original Song nominees — but what of the Golden Globes Best Original Song selections, we ask? No, really. Wait, come back!

Though often thought of as Oscar’s little sister — and a somewhat reliable predictor of who will win Academy Award gold — the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual accolade has a style all its own, and nowhere is this style more evident than in its strange history of Best Original Song nominees.

What follows is a look at some of the Golden Globe-nominated movie songs that once graced the big screen and the red carpet, only to fall into obscurity almost immediately after the night they lost. We couldn’t let them lay forgotten, so we’ve resurrected ten songs here for your listening enjoyment. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you, and thank us later for not including Pia Zadora, Frank Stallone or Gwynteh Paltrow.)

Donna Summer — “Down Deep Inside (Theme From The Deep)”

A year before she’d take home both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her classic “Last Dance,” disco queen Donna Summer collaborated with renowned film composer John Barry — king of the 007 franchise — for this strange number from The Deep, a Jaws-y adventure starring a humpy young Nick Nolte. We wonder what Globes voters thought of the single mix, which differed from the soundtrack version by adding an orgasmic moan, a la Donna’s iconic “Love to Love You Baby.”

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