Jay-Z & Beyonce Reportedly Threw Blue Ivy A $200,000 Birthday Blowout

Jan 13th, 2013 // 2 Comments
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Jay-Z and Beyonce threw a ginormous celebration to honor the first birthday of their baby, Blue Ivy, according to Radar Online. The Billboard chart-making child had quite an elaborate party held by her parents to celebrate her January 7th birth, and the gossip site revealed that the b-day blowout reportedly cost $200,000! How is that possible? Babies don’t even know what’s going on! Well, Jayonce managed to make it happen.

The party was thrown with a princess theme, adorned with pink and white roses that cost close to $100,000. Add to that accoutrements like a $2,000 cake and $30,000 in party favors, and it’s clear how the birthday costs racked up. The icing on the prohibitively expensive cake was a Barbie doll for BIC, laced in diamonds, with a value of $80,000. It’s no surprise that Jay and Bey spent that kind of cheddar on their firstborn: Jay-Z reportedly leased a nursery at the newly built Barclays Center for a whopping $1 million. Our absurd forecast of Blue Ivy’s first five years is starting to look frighteningly accurate.


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