Jaden Smith & Willow Smith Team Up On “Kite,” Are Basically As Moody As The Smiths Now: Listen

Remember when Will Smith‘s kids were jubilant and full of youthful vigor, with Willow rambunctiously whipping her hair back and forth and Jaden gleefully sullying The Karate Kid‘s legacy? Well, man, those Smith kids are moody now! (Via mo’ money, mo’ problems, we guess.) And we kind of like it! Last week Willow dropped the mature, morose “Sugar and Spice,”  now Jaden has premiered the equally gray “Kite,” with his sister on the hook.

Jaden channels his inner Drake here, sonically and lyrically (“Half of you jokers don’t hear what I’m sayin’ / But this is real, I’m feelin’ pain”), and little sis sings about being lost and flying away like a kite. Hear the power siblings team up below.

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