Rihanna Covers ‘Complex’: See Her 7 Album-Themed Covers

Jan 14th, 2013 // 2 Comments
RiRi & Breezy
Rihanna and Chris Brown at the Lakers v Knicks game Los Angeles CA
Rihanna and Chris Brown snuggle up courtside. Read More »

What’s better than one sexy Rihanna magazine cover? How about seven sexy Rihanna magazine covers. That was the brilliantly simple idea behind Complex magazine’s seven special editions for their February/March issue: one album-themed shot for each of RiRi’s seven albums. Photographer Zoe McConnell captured the pop star as she channeled each of her studio LPs, from A Girl Like Me to 2012′s Unapologetic. Click through to see Rihanna shining bright, seven different ways and see highlights from her unapologetically honest interview here

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