‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Preps Debut Album, With Help From Ne-Yo

Jan 15th, 2013 // 8 Comments
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American Idol season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez has been pretty quiet since the confetti fell last season, while Phillip Phillips and his debut single “Home” have seemingly soundtracked every sporting event and movie trailer since that night. Well that’s about to change, as Sanchez preps her as-yet-untitled debut album for a spring release.

The singer spoke with MTV and divulged some of the details from the forthcoming LP, including the tidbit that Ne-Yo sings on  the lead single, which will drop in February. He also had a big hand in songwriting and producing on the record, as did industry vets like Toby Gad (One Direction), Harvey Mason Jr. (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake) and Rykeyz (Wiz Khalifa). As for the sound? “It’s me, soulful, but more dancey,” Sanchez said. Is it greedy for us to hope there’s a secret track featuring her cover of “And I Am Telling You…”?

  1. GJA

    “pretty quiet”?? huh??

    Jessica has by FAR been the most active of all the finalists, PP included. She’s been performing all over the place.

  2. best news ever!!!Miss seeing this phenomenal talent perform LIVE & looking forward her voice rock the airwaves. Can’t wait for her album to be released. I know Phillip’s has been out, but w/ Jessica’s, I don’t mind waiting. So worth the wait.love ya Jessica!

  3. supermariah

    quiet? are u blind. she’s been very bz after the final season. She’s been performing anywhere in the world. from basketball- to boxing events etc.. while the winner P2 only stays at home waiting for a call to perform in some place. haha

  4. R.T.

    Well, not sure where the previous comments get their news source, but I haven’t heard much from Jessica Sanchez since last year’s Idol. Except that I heard she was going to be part of “Glee”. Did that ever happend?

  5. Wow RT, I have to state Sanchez has been in the media forefront since day she walked out of AI studios…lets list… US Memorial Day concert @whitehouse, ‘Pacman-Bradley Title Fight, Opened NBA Playoffs, Trevor Project honoring Katy Perry, BAFTA Awards, Multiple Fashion Mag. Covers from Mega to 17….Appointed Bench Clothing spokesperson with billboards all over world, Promo Music Video for Smart Phone with Black Eyed Peas…..just a touch under 1 Million twitter followers… and an upcoming STADIUM concert in Manila on the 14th….

  6. barbara santiago

    Is she really appearing on Glee? By the way, im seaching in the internet the video of Jessica and NeYo “s duet. Is it available in the internet? Please help by giving me the right information.

  7. barbara santiago

    I noticed there are no comments dated Feb 2013.the last comment b4 Imade mine was still Jan 30,2013.im just curious.

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