Sky Ferreira Models Saint Laurent, The Result Is The Opposite Of Embarrassing

Jan 17th, 2013 // 2 Comments

Sky Ferreira was tapped to model Saint Laurent to promote the label’s Pre-Fall 2013 line. [Ed note: Wouldn't that make it the Summer 2013 line?] The “Red Lips” singer uses her famous pout as she poses for photographer Hedi Slimane in the simple black-and-white shots, replicated to make the indie pop star look like paper doll cutouts. As seen with the 20-year-old’s recent “Lost In My Bedroom” and “Sad Dream” videos, the camera loves Sky — not that the big-haired siren, with her mastered aloof vibe, would ever let it be known that she loves the camera back. Click through to see Sky play fashionista.

[via Complex]


  1. JH

    prefall is the off-the-season fashion collections where most of the clothes are actually bought unlike the more editorial fall and summer seasons. prefall is after summer and before fall.

  2. Commented on this photo:

    Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is a cruel manipulator who wants to control the entire fashion world. He discovered Sky. He`s been cruelly torturing a talented young girl for 5 years. He stole her ideas and keeps her in psycho terror. Read the details and spread the truth! Please help!

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