Lady Gaga Gets Florida Family Association Protestors At Tacoma Tour Date

Jan 15th, 2013 // Comment
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Lady Gaga got a little more than she bargained for when she arrived at the Tacoma Dome on Monday (January 14th) to greet fans hours before her show. The superstar began the US leg of her Born This Way Ball Tour in Tacoma, WA, but while she addressed fans over a loud speaker saying, “The change begins with you,” an airplane flew overhead with a different message to share.

The Florida Family Association chartered a messenger plane to fly above the Tacoma Dome with the message “Not Born This Way” attached to it. The cost for the very pointed message cost the FFA $1,900, per the organization’s website.

The goal was to reach the tailgating party thrown in conjunction with Gaga’s Born Brave Bus Tour, a mini-tour that provides therapy in areas like bullying, suicide prevention, and sexuality, for fans ages 13 to 25. The FFA felt as though the Born Brave Bus Tour was designed to urge fans into homosexuality. They are also accepting donations to fly more planes over as many Gaga tourd ates as possible. While Gaga has yet to comment on the protest, she did tweet a photo with fans, captioned, “Words can’t describe how happy I am today.”

This isn’t the first time the FFA attacked by air. Last June, they flew a plane over Disney World to “warn” visitors about Gay Days at Disney World, an unofficial celebration where the LGBT community gathers with their friends and family at Disney held on the first Saturday in June.

[Via The News Tribune]


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