T.I. Wants A $75 Million Record Deal

Jan 19th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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T.I. is a free agent. Last month, his ten-year contract with Atlantic Records expired, but Tip has bigger plans on the horizon. Much bigger. Reports have it that the Atlanta rapper-turned-actor is looking for a $75 million record deal. And while Sony is said to have already offered a $50 million contract and a meeting is scheduled with Universal, T.I. is also in talks with Dr. Dre. Another possibility: aligning with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. While deals are on the table, T.I. has his own criteria in mind.

The fantasy deal reportedly includes an exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists. In addition, Tip supposedly wants three albums under the contract and corporate endorsement deals, along with 10-to-20% of all publishing, merchandise and touring, plus film and TV rights. Whether or not he’ll receive all that he’s seeking remains to be seen, though T.I. seems pretty set in his ways.

The ATL MC had a healthy run with Atlantic Records. His career with the major label began with the release of 2003′s Trap Muzik, and Tip went on to serve up six more albums through the company, including Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, which dropped this past December.

His ninth studio album Trouble Man II: He Who Wears the Crown is slated for a 2013 release — given that T.I. lands a new deal —  and will be the first album on whichever label he joins.

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  1. Kaye

    Yeeeeah, straight after Paper Trail I could have seen this, but his last 2 have been flops. To his defence (if you can call it that) he was in jail and lack of promotion, but the quality of those albums also suffered.

    I think Hip-Hop/Rap is going through a down phase. Sure, we have Kendrick releasing some grade A tunes – he just doesn’t have the commercial backing to make more people see that it’s not just auto-tuned, repetitive crap that Lil Wayne has been feeding radio. Give it time and it will reemerge, just like R&B. Frank & Miguel are probably the greatest male artists in their genre at the moment, but they are in the same boat as Kendrick, but it will pick up and R&B will again become dominant, yet new & refreshing and Hip/Hop will see its time again soon.

    For now, its Pop/Dance that is taking the attention. But its end is near as it has reached the phase of repetitive garbage, bad quality and just embarrassing songwriting. However I want Rock to come back – Radio needs to get on that s***!

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