Beyonce Sings At President Barack Obama’s Inauguration: Watch

beyonce inauguration
All Hail Queen B
Only for Beyonce could a performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at Barack Obama‘s Second Inauguration Ceremony be seen as a WARM-UP for her next gig, which just happens to be the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Today (January 21), in front of roughly 800,000 people and accompanied by the US Marine Band, Bey captivated the nation with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem. To all future sporting event performers — this is how it’s done.

By the time she finished, Vice President Joe Biden had a wide grin on his face, and soon Bey was hugging her smiling husband Jay-Z. Queen B is going to conquer the world, and she’s halfway there — she’ll finish the job on February 3 at Super Bowl XLVII.

  • meaiii

    not bad but she got nothing on whitney other than being alive

  • SigningTiger

    She did a decent job, but I have heard better and more respectful. She held out certain words that should not have been held out and jazzed it up a little on “way” and “free.” Also, last time I checked, “…the brave” was only sung once. Sadly, I have heard much worse, but again I think she did a decent job.

    ~”Retired” Military Brat

  • Anita Cornet, composer, artist.

    Whitney Houston amazing….. Beyonce her little sister its so cool to see that the other person i enjoy is Jimmy Hendrix’s version……God be with all…..and rest in peace to all those who have passed. Amen.

  • ns

    Her performance was ok but….. not the caliber of Kelly Clarksons rendition of My Country Tis of thee

  • Elaine

    I don’t think that song was for Beyonce. She never could sing that good to me anyway. At least she Had clothes on from neck to feet. I was looking for someone with more experience that knows how the song really goes. I don’t think anyone can ever do it better than the one and only WHITNEY HOUSTON MAY SHE REST IN PEACE.