Glee Covers Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven”: Listen

Jan 21st, 2013 // 1 Comment
glee locked out of heaven

Glee is back on Thursday (January 24), and the students of McKinley High will perform a faithful rendition of Bruno Mars‘ hit “Locked Out of Heaven” for the “Sadie Hawkins” episode. Characters Unique and Marley take the lead here, with the rest of New Directions on backing vocals. There are no mash-ups or a cappella breakdowns — all of Bruno’s tricks are intact (the siren, the “oooh” grunts, etc.) Also, we know for a fact that our stodgy high school would’ve made us change that “your sex takes me to paradise” line.

This is the fourth Bruno Mars song the show has taken on. Hear it over at Billboard.


  1. Steph

    Of the new cast members, I’m most engaged by the WUnique/Marley chemistry (though Kitty & Marley kicked it for “I Need a Hero”, too!) Both numbers (three?) that I’ve seen them perform together have had a great sound and energy and both performers seemed to really get into it. Looking forward to it – which is good, since I’m still ..what?…about Tina’s crush on Blaine. In “Glee-ver”, it seemed as though Tina and Mike might be moving back together. Ah- drama and chaos :) Keeps things interesting.

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