Jennifer Lopez Talks Beyonce Lip-Syncing Drama On ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’: Watch

Jennifer Lopez Daily Show With Jon Stewart Beyonce Lip Sync
All Performers Do
As America continues to reel in shock and dismay following yesterday’s revelation that Beyonce maybe (but not definitely) lip-synced the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration on Monday (January 21), the conversation grows increasingly heated — but the ever-diplomatic Jennifer Lopez handled the subject of lip-syncing quite gracefully when she appeared on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart last night to promote her new film.

“Sometimes it happens, when you’re in certain stadiums and certain venues, they do pre-record things, because you’re gonna have that terrible slap back,” Lopez explained. “So yeah, people do it.” She also cited Whitney Houston‘s famous 1991 Super Bowl performance, which was also pre-recorded. “So yeah, all performers do have to do it at some point.” And there you have it, folks. Possibly the least judgmental and acrimonious dialogue about Lipsyncgate that anyone has ever had. Watch up top.

  • Jordan

    love J Lo….but this is coming from one artist who lip syncs herself. “al artists have to do it at one point or another”…..? That’s ridiculous. Kelly Clarkson has done every type of event that JLo has…if not bigger. Superbowl….halftime shows at Championship football games, basketball games…and sold out arenas. She has never lip synced once. Never. And she kills it every time. So I think a more realistic statement would have been “Some artists aren’t able to hear themselves well enough or would prefer to lipsync rather than risk it” or something like that. And if we’re really being honest, then artists like britney, rihanna, etc and others lipsync because they’re just not as good when they’re not in the studio. period.

  • Kaye

    It’s not like this is Bey’s first time lip-synching, she did it at the Grammy’s during her performance with Hugh Jackman. Rihanna doesn’t tend to do it anymore, but she started out doing it, I don’t think I’ve seen a live vocal performance of SOS (altho I haven’t looked properly enough) and some of Pon de Replay were lip-synched a lot. Yeah, Brit does it now – I’m still trying to decide if her earlier years were lip-synched, some you can tell were live; dancing wasn’t as forced, could hear the breaks in her performance. But then her second tour seemed like it could have been totally pre-recorded in a rehearsal (so they included breathing, minor breaks in her vocals) cause one thing you know with Brit lip-synching, is her tongue really emphasises the letter ‘L’.

    If we dig further, Jlo said it, Whitney has lip-synched. Mariah has done it/does it. Xtina has done it (MTV VMA with Keeps Getting Better is the one that springs to mind). And well, the blogosphere would’ve been up in arms against Jlo if she criticised it tbh.

    I can’t comment on Kelly, but i’d be surprised if she has, she built her career on her voice and her voice alone. Another artist I don’t think has (but could highly be wrong) is Pink. She has been very outspoken against it and proved herself with her recent AMA performance and that amazing VMA/Grammy performances.

    I can’t believe I’m defending Bey – but I think it has gotten way outta hand. And I only say that, because she has very obviously lip-synched before. Fair enough it was the Inauguration, but like many are saying, the sheer amount of people/weather/reach of the sound was probably what she, her team and the organisers were concerned about with the broadcast. Whilst I’m a fan of Brit – we still allow her a lot of success based on a career of lip-synching, no matter how much I wished she didn’t.
    End of the day, we know Bey can sing, she has sung this anthem before and we know her tours aren’t lip-synched – even if way too much back-up tracks are used for her to ‘sing over top’ of.

    But we can all agree, that Xtina is probably smiling, knowing she isn’t the only one in recent years to have a performance of the national anthem called out on.