One Direction Go Shirtless (Even More!) In “Kiss You” Behind-The-Scenes Video: Watch

Jan 24th, 2013 // 3 Comments
One Direction "Kiss You" Behind The Scenes Video
1D In The Buff
1D's "Kiss You" Video
Watch the lads get goofy (and shirtless) in their new music vid. Read More »

Hey! Do you like One Direction? You do? Then you’ll probably enjoy seeing them take their clothes off in this new behind-the-scenes video!

Yes, the doe-eyed, apple-cheeked five-piece have released a clip of additional footage from their recent video for “Kiss You,” and you can see how the magic came together — all the cute outfits and winsome smiles and bromantic tomfoolery a Directioner could want. They put on funny outfits! They take their funny outfits off! They sing! They banter! They’re shirtless! The truth is simply this: One Direction’s camp understand what their fans want better than pretty much anyone else, and this video proves it. Watch up top.

Read the full lyrics to “Kiss You” over at, then tell us what you think about 1D’s new behind-the-scenes clip in the comments, or sound off on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. holly-ann miller 16 years old

    i love one direction and really wish i could meet them it would mean the world if i ever got to meet them because they are the best and well i have never met anyone famous, and the blondie is a cutie niall wow yeah such a cutie really would love to meet them, i also love the fact that they joined the end the world hunger, that means alot too i love them they are awsome..

  2. that is sad niall got hit in the eye poor baby

  3. AimeeHoran

    ahhhhhhhhhh Niall u cutie i love you loads u girls need to find one of the other cos Niall is mine aha only joking we can all have a bit of Niall but i would like the biggest bit thanks :p love you guys loads xxx

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