Nicole Scherzinger’s “Boomerang”: Hear The Dance Single

Jan 24th, 2013 // 3 Comments
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Nicole Scherzinger Boomerang Single Artwork

Hey, Scherzy’s back! Yes, the unluckiest pop star of them all, Nicole Scherzinger, who has still (still!) never released a solo album in the United States despite having plans to do so for the last six years — Her Name Is Nicole was scrapped altogether and an American release of Killer Love was canceled — is back with a new single, “Boomerang.” But despite the unholy union of Scherzinger and, who produced the song, it’s actually pretty good!

A fizzy pop gem with great layers of “Oh!”s on the chorus, ”Boomerang” is all about, you know, not letting the haters keep you down, and overcoming obstacles, and coming back even when people try to throw you out, or another subject like that — something uncomfortably close to home for the exotic chanteuse. But the production is taut and synth-spangled, and that chorus is an earworm, so hey, well done, Scherzy. You may see that U.S. album release yet. Listen below.

Nicole Scherzinger — “Boomerang”

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  1. Ayan

    Sam, why did you post it in such quality? This is in better quality and it has the full intro:

    Obviously don’t include the download link though lol

  2. freaky

    Wow! I actually like it!

  3. Inverted didn’t produce the song…………….

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