Whatcha Say: Beyonce’s Inauguration Lip-Sync Scandal Rocked Our Readers

Jan 25th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Bey Lip-Synced?
beyonce inauguration
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Kelly x Obama
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Whatcha Say 2012 Idolator reader comments

President Barack Obama‘s second inauguration went down this week, as did Beyonce‘s credibility after it emerged that she may have lip-synced while singing the National Anthem. (One person who shined: Kelly Clarkson, who knocked “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” out of the, er, Capital.) Our readers had a field day weighing in on Bey’s latest scandal, along with news of Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s latest stint in the studio and the newest round of auditions of American Idol.

Head below for our weekly roundup of what you all had to say!

:: chrisanthemum7 let her voice be heard on American Idol: The Mariah Carey Vs. Nicki Minaj Fight Was Over “The Country Thing”: “dahling, I love your recaps! I’m surprised no mention of the Billy Holiday moment with Keith and Mariah. Yeah…they probably would’ve cut out the ‘country thing’ ramble if it wasn’t what led to the blowup.”

:: Kaye was unapologetic on Rihanna And Chris Brown Have A New Song In The Works: “I grow tiresome of these two day by day. Well actually Rihanna, cause I have had no time for Chris since he smashed her face in and nearly killed her, remember that people? (No, I won’t ever move on for as long as award shows, music websites and everyone else promotes his auto-tuned garbage!)”

:: SingingTiger pounced on Beyonce Sings At President Barack Obama’s Inauguration: Watch: “She did a decent job, but I have heard better and more respectful. She held out certain words that should not have been held out and jazzed it up a little on ‘way’ and ‘free.’ Also, last time I checked, ‘…the brave’ was only sung once. Sadly, I have heard much worse, but again I think she did a decent job.”

:: Elaine threw even more shade at Bey: “I don’t think that song was for Beyonce. She never could sing that good to me anyway. At least she had clothes on from neck to feet. I was looking for someone with more experience that knows how the song really goes. I don’t think anyone can ever do it better than the one and only WHITNEY HOUSTON MAY SHE REST IN PEACE.”

:: Stella road her streetcar straight to Bey’s defense on Beyonce Lip-Synced At The Presidential Inauguration & We’re All Devastated [UPDATE: Maybe She Sang After All: “The crowd heard Beyonce sing live with a backtrack. Beyonce’s talent shouldn’t be called into questions. This is a very common practice a high profile events. I can’t believe it’s made the news rounds.”

:: iskiz wailed on Beyonce-Gate Hits Nadir/Apex As Milli Vanilli Weighs In On Lip-Syncing Issue: “That story MUST end ! She sang over a pre-recorded track, and that is CRYSTAL CLEAR in the video.”

:: Fan4me let her idol worship show on Kelly Clarkson Sings “My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee” At President Obama’s Inauguration: “Her performance was mind-blowing. Sensational. I’ve seen at least 80% of her TV performances from her career and I have to say, this was her best vocal performance EVER.”

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  1. RuthHouston

    Beyonce Lip-Sync or Live Controversy Resolved: Audio Expert Says She Did Both

    The Beyonce “live or lip-sync” controversy has finally been put to rest. There is strong evidence that Beyonce did both. Beyonce lip-synced parts of the national anthem, and other parts she sang live. Details in the article below.


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