Michelle Williams Denies Destiny’s Child Reunion At Super Bowl, Sort Of

Michelle Williams Denies Destiny's Child Reunion At Super Bowl
Ambiguity's Child
Poor Michelle! That’s Michelle Williams, who was interviewed by WRUG radio at a recent event, where they really only wanted to talk to her about the rumored Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl. Did they want to talk to her about her other projects, her appearance in Fela, or her criminally underrated dance single “We Break the Dawn”? Nope, just Destiny’s Child. And Williams gave a really confusing answer when asked about it!

“Okay,” she said. “That’s not confirmed. It is rumored. I’m going to be in the musical Fela. I hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it’s not true.” So is she saying that she would hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it’s not true, but she doesn’t have to, because it is true? Or that it’s not true and she hates disappointing “the people” and telling them that, which she’s doing right now? Only time will tell. Time, or Beyonce, who never lies.

[via The Huffington Post]