Lana Del Rey Is Back In The Studio Like It’s No Big Thang

Lana Del Rey was back in the studio in Santa Monica, CA on Sunday (January 27), and while we don’t know what exactly she was recording, it gave us a twinge of excitement. Because, let’s be honest, the girl shines when she’s in the booth, rocking a Hollywood cap and laying down some sullen pop goodness. As opposed to, say, performing on television soundstages. So keep churning out that studio magic, bb!

  • Brian

    She should be doing a long overdue U.S. tour instead…what’s taking her so long?

  • Kara

    If she’s not there to clean said studio, then I don’t know why she’s even there, tbh. Her struggle vocals do enough damage. No need to force the whole studio to recalibrate its speakers .