Watch Crystal Bowersox Take Us Behind The Scenes Of Her New Album: Exclusive

Jan 29th, 2013 // 8 Comments
Crystal Bowersox Behind The Scenes
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As longtime fans of Crystal Bowersox — the American Idol vet with the soulful pipes even headlined Idolator’s Pray For Pop Party at SXSW in 2011 — so we were stoked to get a first look at her much-anticipated second studio album, a follow-up to 2010′s Farmer’s Daughter. Now signed to indie label Shanachie Records, Bowersox is teaming up with major collaborators like Jakob Dylan and rock legend Steve Berlin to shape the sound of her new album — and we’re taking you behind-the-scenes with exclusive footage of Bowersox in the studio.

“This record means a lot to me,” Bowersox told us. “I’ve learned so much in the process of making it. Working with Steve Berlin was comfortable and easy — the guy flows like water. And Jakob Dylan? I wish we could keep making this record over and over again… I certainly hope the listener will love it.” Bowersox’s new album is due in March. Watch up top.


  1. Penny

    Love crystal! u go girl!!!!

  2. Penny

    Crystal’s number one fan!!!!! me :)

  3. Callie

    you need to come to Michigan again and sit around the fire and swim in the river!! haha hope all is well =)

  4. Greta

    We hope your right hand man, Frankie May’s on it!

  5. Greta

    Agree! The 20 something garage band she got on a “deal” from LA have set her back for everything she’s tried to accomplish concerning her true roots. Very sad when people get their claws into a great talent and make them into their own animal.
    As far as Frankie goes, he has won many regional and local music awards on his own accord, in his short life so far, is greatly sought after and performs nightly. I know that Ryan, her harmonica player still performs in Chicago.

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