Miley Cyrus Gets Sexy In Lingerie In ‘So Undercover’: Watch

Miley Cyrus So Undercover Lingerie Clip
Undercover Bombshell
That Miley Cyrus! Sure, she’s taken the paparazzi to task for constantly violating her privacy and objectifying her shamelessly, but at least this is one largely-unclad appearance that she knew was happening.

Celebuzz snagged a clip from her movie So Undercover which shows Miley in her underoos in a pivotal scene, as she shares her hopes and dreams with her sorority sisters — and Miley’s character is dreaming about guns and Bentleys. (She’s an undercover detective, you see, who infiltrates a sorority.) And while there’s a part of us that will always love the feminine fresh-faced Miley of years past (the film was shot in, like, the 1920s or something and held for a century before being plopped out onto DVD), we definitely prefer her ferocious, androgynous style as of late. Still cute, though. Watch up top.

[via Celebuzz]