Justin Bieber & Lil Twist Caught Doing Something Totally Legal: Riding Dirt Bikes

Feb 1st, 2013 // 2 Comments
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Justin Bieber is one dirty boy — and no, we’re not referring to the time he groped a fan’s breast or uploaded a photo of his butt crack to Instagram. This time, Biebs is literally covered in dirt. The pop star and his pal Lil Twist — the same “good influence” that Justin was allegedly caught smoking marijuana with earlier this year — spent Wednesday (January 30) riding ATVs together. Afterwards, Justin shared some shots of the Texas rapper and himself looking all “badass” — by which we mean “covered in mud”. See the Biebs acting like a normal 18-year-old dude while “Ridin dirtyyyyyyyyy” with Twizzy.

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  1. bella
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    justin you are creazy

  2. pitbike
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