Super Bowl: Alicia Keys Sings The National Anthem

Feb 3rd, 2013 // 9 Comments
Alicia Keys Star Spangled Banner National Anthem Super Bowl 2013
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“The Star-Spangled Banner” is one of the most notoriously difficult songs to pull off live. Not only does it require stunning vocal talent, you also face the ire of America if you fumble while belting out the patriotic standard.

That said, Alicia Keys not only sang her red-dress-clad butt off at the Super Bowl, ahead of the big showdown between the Ravens and the 49ers, she also played piano while doing so — proving once again that this girl is definitely on fire.

Before she hit the field in New Orleans, Alicia, whose hair was slicked back for her big performance, tweeted a pic of herself in said dress and asked, “Is this football appropriate?” She won’t get any complaints from us.

Watch Keys move both the audience and burly football players to tears above.

What did you think of Alicia’s rendition of the National Anthem? Did she do the country proud? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Floplicia

    Edit: ‘Alicia Keys Screams National Anthem’

  2. Heidi

    she was sitting while everyone was standing.. smfh

  3. musiclover

    the song is not meant to be sung as a dirge. This was a dreadful performance and the reason the football players were in tears is because they had to endure this performance. Jennifer Hudson wholly outclassed and outperformed Alicia. Mediocrity for the masses is what Alicia is about…I’d rather they pipe Whitney’s immortal performance than insist we listen to misguided interpretations like this.

  4. SheSaidThat

    All the sudden the whole world is an authority on how the National Anthem is supposed to be sung. Give me a freaking break. She really thought about it and made it her own, I think she did a fantastic job! Just take it for what it was, no one died, the world kept on spinning, relax! Everyone’s a freaking critic!

  5. randomguru

    Great rendition. I like how she put her own heart and soul into the performance. And playing piano and singing it “live” is a challenge, I dare anyone to do this “live” in front of a gazillion tv viewers and not look the slightest bit nervous. She looked very comfortable out there and in the zone.

  6. Starr2348

    omg Terrible ! I appreciate that she tried to make it her own but she had some ROUGH notes .

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