Super Bowl: Beyonce’s Halftime Performance Features Destiny’s Child & Much Hair Flipping

Feb 3rd, 2013 // 9 Comments
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On Thursday, Beyonce kicked off her pre-Super Bowl press conference with a polite request: “Would you guys mind standing?” But at the start of her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance on Sunday (February 3), she cued fireworks and flames. Her Destiny’s Child co-conspirators Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams teleported to the stage like Power Rangers being called to action, only to be shooed away toward the end of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).”

Beyonce strutted and swung her hips and cast out one smoldering gaze after another through a string of greatest hits — “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time,” “Halo” — and re-established that she was born to do this sort of thing.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, thanks to a rehearsals clip and yes, Michelle Williams, the press (us included) thought it learned just about every detail of Beyonce’s halftime performance. Still, Bey shocked with a few other, Superdome-ready tricks. Her personal Slash was armed with a sparking guitar. An overhead view revealed that her stage was actually screen itself, broadcasting a kaleidoscope dream entirely made of hair-whipping Beyonces. And, despite all the anticipation, it was difficult to feel prepared for that jelly as Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle joined forces for “Bootylicious” and “Independent Woman.” Surprise: As a group, they’ve still got it.

Then came this shocker: Just a few minutes after Beyonce closed her halftime show with “Halo,” the Superdome lost power. For a moment, it felt entirely possible that Mrs. Carter was the cause.

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  1. I feel like this performance fluctuated too much to call it epic. When you try to encompass too much of your career into the allotted time (12 minutes last time I checked) things get constrained.. and sadly, I feel like this was the case for her. For what was performed, she did a commendable job. It was entertaining. It just wasn’t epic like I had anticipated. A little disappointed all-in-all.

  2. Tiff

    the video doesnt work anymore! D:

  3. jessicalyons

    hey ptizy

  4. baby59

    Don’t know why Bey would sign that $50 deal with Pepsi. With so much child diabetes and obesity today Pepsi is nothing but super high in sugar and calories! Did Bey really need all that money? She is so famous and every time she does something for pepsi they will listen to her and think it’s ok.

    • Dont Worry About Who I AM

      OMG are you serious?? Is that ALL you can think of to say?? You’re like a black cloud on a bright sunny day – So now I guess it’s Beyonce’s fault that children have diabetes & there’s alotta sugar in Pepsi ….. good lawd PLEASE SHUT THE FK UP

  5. baby59

    sorry I mean to say Bey signed that $50 million deal with pepsi.

  6. Hey NFL! get over yourself! Take the video away from us. Kiss my ass. Beyonce signed that $50 million deal with pepsi.

  7. Rose Petito

    plzz already she didnt blow the power she was using generators the power failure had nothing to do with her. the stadium messed up the power. grow up will ya

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