Beyonce & Destiny’s Child At The Super Bowl: Review Revue

With a little help from her friends Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Beyonce delivered America and the entire football-watching audience the world over to a destiny, to infinity and beyond last night during the big Super Bowl showdown between the Ravens and the 49ers. And not only is her BeyHive buzzing over Mrs. Carter‘s big performance — and subsequent reunion with Destiny’s Child — the Internet at large is also gushing with their own reactions and dissections.

Head below to check up on what exactly the critics are saying about Bey’s bootylicous Super Bowl extravaganza!

:: The Huffington Post kicks things off for us: “For some, Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show was to be the Big Game’s finest moment. But for all who tuned in to see the singer perform, it’s clear she brought her A game.”

:: Forbes jokingly (?) suggests Bey’s display blew out the power at the Superdome: “It was so electrifying that the lights went out after the halftime show… It was a high-energy, super-charged performance, which left the stadium without lights.”

:: MTV ponders whether or not it was Beyonce who won the Super Bowl: “After opening with a chill-inducing performance of ‘Love On Top’ and a jaw-dropping reunion with Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, the crowd — and the Internet — went into an all-out frenzy, as Super Bowl XLVII quickly became dubbed ‘Beyoncé Bowl’.”

:: Rolling Stone singles out the DC reunion as a highlight: “The spotlight may have been on Beyoncé, but her set’s biggest moment came when the singer reunited with her fellow Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (the trio recently released their first single in nearly a decade, “Nuclear”).

:: NPR feels Queen B’s performance ranks as the best of the best: “If naysayers still doubted Beyonce’s singing talents — even after her national anthem performance last week at a press conference — the singer proved she is an exceptional performer at the Super Bowl halftime show. Beyonce opened and closed her set Sunday belting out songs, and in between, she danced hard and heavy — and better than most contemporary pop stars.”

:: The Guardian references Bey’s recent lip sync scandal in its write-up: “Live or live ‘singing along with the prerecorded track’, it didn’t matter to the millions of us who weren’t actually there but were watching the kaleidoscopic morphing of shots ‘live’ on TV. In fact the special effects — Beyonce and her dancers performed on top of a stage or in front of a screen both of which became huge video screens filled with technological fireworks — made the show hugely entertaining. What it lacked in spontaneity it made up for in pizazz.”

:: Said scandal doesn’t seem to matter to Yahoo, though: “As hard as America tried to tear her down in the aftermath of her singing the National Anthem along to a pre-recorded track at the Presidential Inauguration, Beyonce proved during her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII that she is a performer who knows how to deliver the goods.”

:: SPIN not only agrees to leave the lip sync drama behind, it is thrilled at the power outage following Bey’s performance: “You’re forgiven forever, Beyonce. In a thrillingly choreographed, LED-enhanced Super Bowl 2013 halftime spectacular, consummate show-woman Beyonce literally — yes, literally — shut New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome down.”

:: Finally, we’ll end with our very own contributor Pop Trash Addicts‘ assessment: “I know I get carried away when it comes to my Queen, but I was crying and shaking like a stroke victim during the diva’s 13 minute master-class in performance art… From beginning to end, the show was immaculate. I loved how there was just enough production to keep it visual without drowning the diva in unnecessary special effects and she tore up the stage like an athlete. All that dancing, wig-whipping and pussy-popping would put most artists in a coma, but Beyonce did it all in heels without missing a note. None of us are worthy!”

Did you think Beyonce kicked the ball out of the Superdome with her halftime performance? Let us know your thoughts below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Marc1

    Madonna was better at nearly twice Beyonce’s age. Sure B can sing like no other and BOTH are incredible artists but hairography isn’t dancing, it just isn’t. Also these moves, we’ve seen them on every other Beyonce youtube video.

  • Danny

    I thought it was good but chaotic and just shows she brought nothing NEW, it was just the good old stuff.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Agree. Madge did it better – more entertaining. I expected something really extraordinary but it was classic Beyonce.

  • Calin

    This was her big chance to bring something different, and she didn’t, I am bumm out, I expected so much better.

  • jamison

    idk what y’all are smokin cause that was the best damn halftime show ever.

  • Courtney Linson-HiltonRichie

    Check out my reaction video to this FLAWLESS Halftime show!

  • Alberto Muchswagga Rosales

    Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime= The entrance was the same as the AMA 2008…The multiple Beyonce dancers on screen, she did that for Billboard 2011…The choreography was the same as the videos…Nothing fresh or new about this performance, it sucked! The only new thing about this was her back singers….. I mean destiny’s child members whose microphones it seemed were being turned down

  • Jen TheCaterer

    I agree, it was just the same old stuff… and Halo, although it is one of my favorites, is not a great choice for the Superbowl? That struck me as odd..

  • PP

    It seems that every reviewer is required to love the show (or get fired?), because it wasn’t very good. Nothing wrong with the vocals technically, but the songs (medleys) were too tied up together, and all the songs sounded exactly the same. And it didn’t help that you couldn’t understand a word she said or sang between the grunts. It was 13 minutes of pure agony.

  • jim D

    It was a low life, bump and grind with lot-o-noise. Not talent, not entertainment, just bad presentation.

  • Mm

    To all those saying that it was all the same routines from the videos, etc. etc. You obviously don’t know the choreography of the videos because while she did use some of the original moves, she added a whole new set of dance moves to each song. Plus a lot of these are her signature moves. You wouldn’t tell MJ to stop moonwalking, its a thrill to see it live. And no Alberto. It was not the same entrance as the AMAs. While it was similar in that she was silhouetted, it was by no means the same. Having light behind her is the only link.

    Also I don’t think Beyonce’s goal was to make a Madonna sized circus. It seemed more to be to make an honest rock-star halftime show without overproducing or over-stimulating. I mean, Madonna’s was AMAZING. But not every show has to rely on huge amounts of people, sets and costume changes let alone the use of M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, and Cee-Lo. Beyonce did it her way and it was fantastic.

    • ptizzy

      Omg. Thank you for this spot-on comment.

  • ptizzy

    Flawless from beginning to end. Indisputably the best there currently is. Madonna clearly wasn’t confident enough with her own star power to do it solo since she had more assisting artists than I care to remember. Bey only needed herself. Kelly and Michelle were there for like, 2 minutes? Psh. They weren’t even necessary. King Beysus slays all and haters can stay pressed.

  • Marcia

    Beyonce was AMAZZZZING! Im 46 so love Madonna, but her performance was almost embarrassing to me, she seemed confused & out of step. She should just sing & leave the dancing for girls like Beyonce. Let’s be fair here. Madonna was propped up by Nicky & Celo & it was still a bit boring to me.