Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Falls Short Of Madonna’s Viewership Record & Ratings

Feb 4th, 2013 // 32 Comments
Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Beyonce‘s Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show was the highlight of the night for us, and while it scored some whopping numbers in the ratings, Queen B failed to break Madonna‘s halftime show viewership record from last year’s extravaganza. Beyonce pulled a 71 rating for the 8:00-8:30 p.m. ET slot last night (February 3), according to Deadline, and the halftime show was seen by 100 million US viewers.

This falls just shy of Madge’s 72 rating from last year, but in terms of total viewers it can’t touch the Material Girl’s record. According to SB Nation, Madonna’s Super Bowl XLVI performance was seen by a record 114 million US viewers.

However, it’s worth noting that last year’s Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots was the most-watched program in American television history (with an average of 111 million viewers, peaking at 117 million), so that contributed to Madonna’s high numbers. On the other hand, last night’s game ranked third in total viewers in US television history, with an average of 108 million viewers.

So, members of the BeyHive, who’s to blame — the player (Beyonce) or the game (the actual game)? Let us know your thoughts below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. RockingIt

    Theres only one QUEEN and its MADONNA biaaaaaatch

  2. No one can touch Queen Madonna- not nobody, not no how! :)

  3. ReyRey

    the only reason madonna had such great ratings was because she brought out, lmfao, cee-lo, nicki minaj and MIA.. and plus because of the actual game itself.. she needed help order to achieve that from younger stars so it would be more appealing to the younger audience, Queen Bey did it with her girl group and her band.. no help from anyone, her own star power

    • Poor Rey Rey,
      the only reason madonna had such great ratings was because she is a great performer a legend and a phenomenon that everyone compares to. Madonna has always been with pop acts that are current. she dont mind bringing others along who might of not made a superbowl performnce ever on their own. Queen Bey did it with her girl group and her band.. no help from anyone? no she didnt do it alone lol. Beyone is a me me me look at me artist. her moves the same her songs the same and nothing new ws brought i *yawns* Least Madonna Was F’in Cleopatra she reworks her dance moves and music XD Bringing in new fans? nothing wrong with that. thats why Madonna has the largest and most ruthless and base ever. And How Does Madonna Slay Over And Over again? thats right HER OWN STAR say pressed and delusional. but most important have a great day

    • Um, Madonna (or anyone else) didn’t announce that Nicki Minaj, Cee-Lo, LMFAO were going to be making cameos, so your argument has no merit.

    • Excuse me please don’t insult our intelligence like that. Madonna is an international icon that has been around and still thriving in the cut throat music industry for 30 years. She is the best selling female artist of all time (yup that’s right even more albums than Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, or Brittney Spears). If you think for a minute she would not be able to pull the ratings and viewership she got without LMFAO, Nick Minaj or Cee-Lo, you’re nuts!!!

  4. jack

    Madonna the one and only QUEEN, and lets not forget, more people actually watched Madonna then the super bowl….she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brendan

    It’s also worth noting that while Beyonce’s halftime show saw a decrease in viewers from the actual game, Madonna’s show actually gained more viewers than the game itself.

  6. Theresa

    I watch the superbowl halftime performance three times on Utube. I enjoyed it tremendously. Beyonce started out with crazy in love and ended her performance with Hylo. Great song choices great light show and it was nice to see the thee girls back together again. I rated the stage/lightshow performance was a10. Vocals were a10 and she engaged the audience. She is a female Micheal Jackson. I love her!,

  7. Lala

    Madonna is The Queen, Nobody can touch her, sorry Bee!

  8. xsushi

    I like them both… both shows were entertaining but there’s a reason why Madonna is… MADONNA!


    this is ridiculous – Madonna is a great performer, but the only thing she proved with her halftime performance was her irrelevance. Beyoncé did an outstanding job of showcasing what she’s achieved so far in a 12 minute action packed set that she *deserved* to perform. Who the f*ck cares if she didn’t bring out anyone else besides her group (Destiny’s Child) – it wasn’t called “Beyoncé and Others Halftime Show”.

    • JM

      Beyonce is also a great performer, yes. But Madonna proved NOTHING but her irrelevance? Why, having more people watch you than the game itself is NOTHING CLOSE to being irrelevant. And to add to that, she still had more viewership than Beyonce. And don’t even try to bring in the fact that last year’s game was also more watched than this year’s that’s why Madonna had more viewership too. If Beyonce had been as big as the hype people over the internet love to create, she would have PULLED a larger audience. But then, she can’t even sell out her own tours. I am…tour was not a complete sellout, with non-sellout shows in major AMERICAN markets such as LOS ANGELES and NYC.

      I don’t think performing VOGUE, MUSIC, and LIKE A PRAYER proves irrelevance. If any, it proves LEGEND STATUS. And at least Give Me All Your Luvin’ hit the Top 10. Destiny’s Child’s new song was not received well and therefore couldn’t even be promoted on the Super Bowl.

    • beyonce was GOD AWFUL. a strip show gone bad and especially for a family show. All that hype and it was predictable to see bey’s every move because we’ve seen and heard it all before, but this time, millions of people including me found her performance underwhelming and a disappointment. All that booty shaking, gyrating, hair whipping and she didn’t even sing half the time. bey’s whole show was very uncoordinated with songs coming to a full stop, that i thought it was over, but she went on to the next one. i expect her to be more professional in putting a show together, but she has a lot to learn and maybe a lot of new moves to learn too. tired of the same crap. better vamp up and learn new moves or it’s bye bye bey!

  10. cindycgy

    I gotta give prop to Madonna. She’s unbeatable.

  11. Cynthia

    Beyonce needs to be a pole dancer/ stripper. No talent and she’s dancing like a whore.

  12. JM

    People always find a way to minimize Madonna’s success, don’t they? She sets the highest viewership record and you’re going to find an excuse to downplay it by saying that the actual game helped get her the viewership record. But no. 114 million from Beyonce’s 100 million is a FAR CRY. People always tease Madonna as an OLD HAG and yet, despite haters believing she has no pull, Madonna still had more people watching her than the game itself, and even way more than a YOUNGER performer, Beyonce. But I’m sure someone else will find an excuse to that.

    Beyonce gave a good performance, but nothing new. No new choreo, and with just a display of pyrotechnics. Madonna redefined (just as MJ did in 1993) how Superbowl Halftime shows should now look like.

    You can’t expect Beyonce to outbest Madonna’s record when she can’t even sellout majority of her OWN tour dates. Love Queen B, but she got nothing but a shakin’ ass on the Queen of Pop.

  13. Comparing Beyonce to Madonna is like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges. That said, Beyonce did come off a tad boring with all that hair twirling and gyrating, nothing new. Only thing I enjoyed was the short-lived appearance of Destiny’s Child, I love me some Kelly Rowland (which can outsing the Queen Bey anyday)!

  14. Madonna performance was better in many ways. Bey has the voice but madonna is a visionary. M performance was richer. was better. and without a doubt Madonna has more impact in the world than Bey. PPL WANTED TO SEE mAODONNA PERFORMING…. its way more exciting than beyonce

  15. Madonna was Amazing last year. Well coordinated show, great roman entrance, great world peace exit, great visual stage, great performers and Madonna herself appear to be having the time of her life. She was fun and not so serious like bey last night. Madonna’s was very entertaining and you couldn’t wait to see what was next during her show. Bey, you knew what happening next; predictable as always.. Hands down Madonna was the GREATEST!

  16. Beyonce looked like a dog in heat. She reminded me of Michael Jackson, always grabbing his crotch like he was going to lose something. This was watched by millions of children. Good grief, Beyonce, respect America’s kids! You need to remember who your audience is.

  17. Wouldn’t it be nice if after the performance…the audience was left something positive. I guess that was what was wrong with this year’s performance. It was all about Beyonce. Her hair flipping, body gyrating…etc. It was a lost opportunity for her to impact the audience and leave them feeling good about something. No one will remember this performance. After the last four years…we could have used something that would have lifted us up as a nation. Dirty dancing…missed the mark. We have enough sex crimes in this country…against women, children. We wonder why. Well, look at our performers for your answer. This is what they are presenting as family entertainment? What other message did she leave?

  18. Joseph

    As usual, Madonna reins… Beyonce should have have hired Queen M as her coach… she might have got somewhere close to Madonna.

  19. ngl

    Madonna did a wonderful job- she is very talented & always creative! Madonna is never afraid to try new things, and this makes her interesting. Beyonce is a boring & safe ‘artist’.

  20. đenifer lopez

    who is beyonce? she is not popular here in europe

  21. cman

    peope keep noting tht madonnas half time viewership record was higher than that years superbowls but u gotta think the majority of those people were already watching the superbowl and the rest came from women and men who wanted to watch her halftime performance period

  22. Marc

    The final numbers were not even close….That’s a 14+mil drop in viewership, the NFL must not be happy…As far as Beyonce’s show, everything she did for the Super Bowl she had already done for other shows…The entrance was the same as the 2008 AMA, the multiple Beyonce dancers on screen she did for Billboard awards in 2011 and her dance moves were the same as the videos..I guess most people expected the same show from B and just changed the channel…

  23. M-A-D-O-N-N-A ALWAYS comes out on top!! No matter how many haters try 2 tear her down-the numbers DON’T lie!!!

  24. Agent219

    Beyonce, hands down. Madonna had all the gimmicks, but in terms of stage presence, singing, passion, Madonna’s performance can’t compare.

  25. Dan

    11 minutes of bootty boredom. Beyonce’s songs might have been big hits but five years out, they are totally forgettable. Her show had no vision ,no inspiration and the audio was just plain bad

  26. Dustin knock

    Madonna got some sense of art but most of the time she tries to out do her self, not entertain the audience. Ratings or views don’t make someone great it just makes them popular. Beyonce on the other hand is a great performer far more talented then Madonna, I’m sorry to say. Madonna is great. She innovated so much of pop culture that shaped almost all artist today including beyonce. But when it comes to talent, singing dancing and beauty, beyonce has the upper hand. She Sang live, danced most of the time and used only her own girl band as guest ( not to mention her live band backing her up) needless to say beyonce had some over the top material but compared to other halftime shows beyonce kept it simple. Something Madonna can’t just do, without all the glamour. Beyonce is a true performer. Thank you

  27. Anthony Whitlow

    I feel that i have to comment. Why people continue to compare female artists is ridiculous. These two women have very different styles and are nothing alike Yes, Madonna is the queen but that doesnt make beyonce irrelevant. While Madonna’s superbowl performance was very theatrical, Beyonce’s was very high energy and she has the voice of an angel. People need to quit comparing artists and just enjoy their individual talents.

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