Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Required Five Months Of Rehearsal, Says Beyonce

Beyonce Extra Interview
If you were dazzled by Beyonce‘s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show (and really, who among us wasn’t?), please take note that perfection doesn’t come easy: In an interview after the show, the fearsome superstar told Extra that she had been rehearsing for that one, ten-minute-long performance for five months. Five months! That’s more than half a full term for, say, a well-compensated surrogate secretly carrying the unborn child of a celebrity power couple, to give the example of a perfectly random timeline not connected to Beyonce at all.

Admittedly, all that practice paid off for Bey, whose performance was spectacularly well-received, and Beyonce herself wasn’t oblivious to the fact that it was more or less the best thing anyone had ever seen: “It was a magnificent night for me and the girls,” she said. (“The girls,” of course, refers not to Destiny’s Child but rather, to her wig collection.) Watch up top.

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  • John Pickens

    JUST PLAIN UN-GODLINESS! In her beginnings Beyounce boasted that she was a B.A.Christian. I see NO evidence of THAT, as clearly she only loves herself & showing herself off in the most NASTY offensive ways!
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    John 3:16

    • tman

      John, you are one sick XXXX. Where did all that come from???

    • Willl Sync

      John you might not realize it. But no one really sees the world and other people as they are. You see the world as YOU are. If you see evil in Beyonce , maybe, you have a evil mind. Is that possible?
      Be right is a way to feel superior to others.
      Feels good doesn’t it. That the human ego. Were all cut from the same cloth. like it or not. Your no better or worse than anyone else.

  • BH

    @John Pickens – seek mental help.

    • akhaddd

      Speculation about Armstrong being charged by US prosecutors arose after the disgraced cyclist reversed his past denials about doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Armstrong admitted to Winfrey that he doped and used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career, which included seven Tour de France titles.


    I love Beyonce but honestly I did not think the performance overall was all that :/

  • Mechie

    Is there any honesty left in journalism?!?! Wait, is this really journalism or just blogging?!?! Dazzling?!?!? That’s truly over-stretching. She barely sang….maybe she was trying to yodel. It was questionable though. I wouldn’t call what she did dancing either. She skipped to the right—-gyrated while flinging her hair—skipped to the left—-gyrated while throwing her hair in a different direction. And you’re telling me it took five months for this—wait—then you’re calling it dazzling. I’ll finish by saying never underestimate the power of a dictionary—DAZZLING is off by a long shot.

    • Friendof Music

      The whole thing was loud & rhythmic, not much else. More like an exercise class dressed up in V. Secret underwear. So what? Not even close to artistry.

    • Mm

      You’re really undermining what she did on stage. She didn’t just shake to the left and right and scream. Did she SING and she did DANCE.

  • Ryan McCormack

    wow….dazzled?! On the contrary – I didn’t think I’d read ANY positive articles about that performance! Extremely lacking any talent…she hooted & grunted her way through that 9 minutes of pain. I’m 95% sure she didn’t lip sing any of that but when all you’re doing is thrust your crotch around and making primeval noises, who needs to lip sync?! Article Writer Sam Lansky, how much did the Beyonce crew pay you to write this?!?!

  • BornAgainThinker

    you’re crazy buddy. your bible was compiled by a group of catholic cardinals around 300AD, from many other religious texts floating around at the time. these texts also came from a culture and society that are still killing each other in the name of god. cavemen, much like yourself.

  • Mike

    Well, I don’t support all that religious nonsense, BUT I strongly disagree with the parenthetical phrase “and who among us wasn’t”. You’ve got to be kidding. I was very familiar with Beyonce’s celebrity status, her hot body as displayed everywhere, but I really didn’t know anything about the music. I still don’t. I was expecting a musical performance and all I saw was a strip tease. Don’t get me wrong, I think the striptease was GREAT, but the show was just as effective with the SOUND OFF. “And who wasn’t”??? Someone’s living in a bubble….well, to some extent everyone is living in a bubble, but in my bubble, NO ONE was impressed with Beyonce’s performance.

    • Mm

      You’re serious that NO ONE was impressed? I’ve heard positive things from everyone who saw it, except for when I come to the internet and the most upset people are spewing about how she was half naked (she really only had her legs and arms and small amount of chest showing, the rest was flesh coloured) or how she was just flipping her hair (which if you really watched you’d see she moved a WHOLE lot more than that) and that she just yelled in the mix (which again if you listened you’d hear her singing. Not every verse on account of dancing, but she did it.) And what did you do?

  • Qas

    Dazed maybe, but hardly dazzled. That show had lots of flash but seriously lacked when it came to the star’s talent. All this media hype about that show being outstanding and stunning is a bunch of baloney.

    • Mm

      Who would you have prefered?

  • Doris Conner

    It has been said that Beyonce has a very good voice. The “great” singers did not need to exploit their bodies and have flashing lights, background singers, flares going of, loud music to cover up their inabilities to display their poor talents, and all the other hoopla, all they did was just stand there and sing.

    The butterfly is a move probably developed by strip-teasers to entice men to want to come inside them. To the world it may seem exciting, I was just hoping she would not get on the floor like I have sen in advertisements about Beyonce of her humping on the floor. Is it all about her and not even the slight inkllng that children were watching and that they are very impressionable.

    Boys are wearing their pants to their knees and girls are leaving the top two buttons open on their jeans, leaving a message of invitation to immoral sex. Just like Kim K, and Kanye are not ssetting a good example of living a life that is pleasing to God.

    • Mm

      I disagreed with your comment. And then I came to the end where you cited boys wearing their pants low as a message for sex and I knew there were other reasons why you had this criticism. And by the way, that is not the reason at all that this fashion has become popular. If you only knew history instead of being prudish and calling everything oversexualized.

      And Beyonce can stand there and sing just as any other great singer can. But it’s the Super Bowl, that would have got her no where. There needs to be more and she happens to be a pro at singing and dancing. You’re just ignorant to today’s culture. There’s no need for nostalgia here. It’s 2013 and this is how entertainment shows are put on. You obviously like modern pop culture enough to be on Idolator. You should know better.

  • cr

    I thought if was a good hootchie kootchie … not much talent required to shake her ass… it was boring and I left to watch ncis during half time.

  • What Hype

    The Beyonce halftime show was such a disappointment. It was over produced, over dubbed and faked even more than any music video I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of a movie scene in which the actor is pretending to be a musical performer. Mixing pop entertainment with a football championship is pretty lame to begin with, but at least give us a real performer performing live. She should have included Rob and Fab in the show. They were forerunners in this field of make believe music. Yuk. The only things more phony than the performance are the delusional and dishonest entertainment reporters who perpetrated the illusion that this show had any quality other than being a masterpiece of over production. I take that back.. Kelly Rowland looked great. But not great enough to make the show enjoyable.

    • Mm

      So which halftime show do you admire?

      And… how was it faked? She was up there pretending to dance? Pretending to do everything she did? Was she a hologram? Come on!

  • ohwow

    5 months for a SuperBowl, 15 minutes and a lipsinc for our President…

  • Caber

    Same dance moves as always, even sketchier, revealing outfit than her norm AND she rehearsed FIVE MONTHS FOR THIS?! Yet she HAD NO TIME TO REHEARSE FOR THE INAUGURATION??!!!! How disrespectful is that? To actually admit you had no time to rehearse for the Inauguration of your President? Yet you can spend five months on a crap performance for a sporting event. Sad. Just sad.

    • jojo

      Ya,your right she is idiot and liar artist ive ever known after she lipsync to Mr Obama.
      Only one song to rehears,cannot do over night? that song is already for american people
      and you dont need to rehears because its national anthem.

  • mimi

    Shame on media that they promote talentless half naked so called singer. In Europe they can’t stand her when she pretends to sing jumping and grunting at MTV Awards . She came on stage after the taped song started already. She was like ups and said let’s start again. The Media didn’t writ a word about…..they got $$$$$$$ to shut up. She calls people HATERS WHEN THEY DON’T BUY HER SO CALLED MUSIC .

    • Mm

      Mimi you know nothing about the EMA awards apparently. Are you refering to Baby Boy? The one where she was singing and the background vocals started to skip? They weren’t the lead vocals which she was doing.

  • jamie

    smh.. it took her 5 months.. smh lying ass.. but she couldnt take some time to perform for the ignagoration.. smh

  • Wanda LaJune Winquist

    I just have a few questions maybe someone could help me answer. I want to know did anyone count how many times she flipped her hair? And who was she kept smiling for? And could she not remember the ladies name of Destiny Child that she had to say they name before they could sang each time?

  • ReyRey

    it was spectacular !! an amazing halftime show, one of the best!

    • jojo

      i think you r blind,dont know what is better or not.
      much better to stumble to stair than to halftime show, is really boring.

  • jojo

    five month of rehersing and some of her dance was already used from old concert tour,its was so very disappoinment to her,nothing is new,and more dancing than singing maybe she
    scare to sing alot due to gasping.

  • Calin

    It was OK, nothing new. Nothing original, but she did looked great.