Eve Talks New Music, Says Nicki Minaj Isn’t Her “Cup Of Tea”: Watch

Eve is back with a new sound, a new label and a very fashionable bob (priorities!), and she’s spilling the tea — specifically, the cup of tea that Nicki Minaj is not. In a rather lengthy (but very interesting!) interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Eve talked about everything! Going independent! Dating a rich white dude! Living in London! How Azealia Banks turned her down for a collaboration, maybe, but she can’t totally remember, so take it with a grain of salt! When the subject of Minaj came up, Eve said that she was “proud of her,” but that she wasn’t “her cup of tea.” Take that as you will, although the always-erudite Bossip describes it as “Shots Fired!”

It should be said that Eve’s honesty is refreshing, especially given how canned her contemporaries often sound when talking about their contemporaries, but also that it’s not going to make her any new friends. Oh well. Watch the full interview up top.

[via Bossip]

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