Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Disappointed One Group: PETA

Feb 5th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Beyonce‘s Super Bowl Halftime Show was largely seen as a success, and whether or not viewers thought the dancing-to-singing ratio was out of whack, the performance was undoubtedly thrilling. But there’s one group of people who were pretty disappointed by the spectacle (well, two groups if you count all those Michelle Williams stans who feel their girl didn’t get a chance to shine): animal rights activists.

PETA came for Bey’s wig stunning ensemble, which was designed by Rubin Singer and was made of python skin, iguana and leather. The animal rights group criticized the wardrobe choice, telling the New York Daily News, “If Beyonce watched our video exposes, she’d probably not want to be seen again in anything made of snakes, lizards, rabbits or other animals who died painfully. Today’s fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score.” Previously, PETA criticized Beyonce for wearing a mink coat at President Obama’s second inauguration, and they’re basically in a blood feud with Lady Gaga.


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