Beyonce Vs. Madonna, Who Had The Better Halftime Show?: Idolator Is Taking The Debate To Twitter

Feb 5th, 2013 // 55 Comments

The Super Bowl may be long over, but there is still one category that has yet to name a winner, and it’s that of the Ultimate Halftime Show Diva (of the past two years). Will it be Beyonce or Madonna? Bey brought hair flips of the neck-breaking variety, a Destiny’s Child reunion and some killer choreography. Madge, on the other hand, still managed to “Vogue” with a giant Egyptian crown on her head, brought Nicki Minaj, bird-flipping M.I.A. and LMFAO to the stage — and seems to have won the ratings war. We at Idolator have examined the raw data, but, alas, we love these two pop goddesses far to much to place one over the other. So we’re turning the decision over to you!

Today (February 5) at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) we’re taking this #ibrawlator diva debate to Twitter. Below, find out details on how you can join in this soon-to-be heated discussion with us!

We will be moderating the questions for this debate, allowing both Madonna and Beyonce’s fan bases (and any and all pop lovers with a strong opinion) time to weigh in using the hashtag #ibrawlator. Let’s fight clean and fight fair, folks. And just a reminder that everyone who participates will get a follow-back from us!

To get the wheels turning, here are a few topics we’ll be covering in the debate:

1. Who had the better setlist? 

2. Which pop star reigned supreme as far as dance moves?

3. Which halftime show was more of a spectacle? 

4. Beyonce or Madonna: who had the better vocals?

5. Who came out on top for special guests?

6. Which diva had the best costumes?

7. Did Bey or Madge have the stronger opening? 

We’ll catch you guys in the Twitterdome!


  1. Bob


  2. Xtine

    1. Who had the better setlist? MADONNA

    2. Which pop star reigned supreme as far as dance moves? MADONNA

    3. Which halftime show was more of a spectacle? MADONNA

    4. Beyonce or Madonna: who had the better vocals? BEYONCE

    5. Who came out on top for special guests? MADONNA

    6. Which diva had the best costumes? MADONNA

    7. Did Bey or Madge have the stronger opening?

    • 1.) Who had the better setlist? Of course Madonna because she had the longer minutes performed but I like beyonce’s songs.
      2.) Which pop star reigned supreme as far as danced moves? ITS BEYONCE dear, Madonna moves are so limited that she did not even sweat. Beyoncé killed it by shaking, head shaking everything. You could see beyonce’s effort because she was panting.
      3.) Which halftime show was more of a spectacle? Of course MADONNA because of costumes, stage effects guests etc. Everything was spectacular. However beyonce was not lagging behind, she had everything too but not compared to Madonna.
      4.) Better vocals? Of course beyonce she was singing live as well as dancing HARDCORE too. Madonna, I can’t tell if she was lipsyncing especially when you go on the part of ” music” it was a lipsync but on the others especially on the opening and finale, no lipsyncing.
      5) Special guests: Madonna has a lot of special guest and she shined them all while beyonce, she was outshining Kelly and michelle.
      6.) Stronger opening: BOTH OF THEM, Madonna’s opening was outstanding with the queen of Egypt style, you can’t turn your attention away. Beyoncé’s opening Was FIERCE because it says I am going to sing live baby!!!!
      7.) Who was better? BOTH OF THEM because they are marvelous they have different style. MADONNA WAS QUEEN
      And BEYONCE WAS A FIERCE SASHA QUEEN so enough of all of you saying Madge is better or bey was better.

  3. MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jamie

    Madonna was better.. she sang along with the track.. all she really did was dance..

  5. Daniel

    With zero doubt… Madonna!

  6. Madonna, the one and only Queen of Pop!!!! Still the most watched Super Bowl Halftime show in history!!!! No one can beat her!!! Long live the Queen!!! Legendary!!! beyonce is just another pop star.

  7. Adam

    Beyonce for sure—Madonna is a legend but something about her performance was a bit fake except for the ending. Also Gimme All Your Love was a terrible song. Beyonce really connects with a crowd of all types—Madonna just with women and gay men

  8. I think this whole debae is sexist and stupid since you would never compare any male counterparts who have done the super bowl. So why do it with two wonderful performers? ugh.

    With that said however, If I have to pick a side I will go with Madonna since she brought more to the table than just a couple of schlep together songs.I think Beyonce is talented, but she did pretty much all the same stuff we have seen her do a million times over. She brought nothing new, while madonna’s entire look was brand spanking new. Plus, Madonna’s just had more fluidity and the pacing was better. Beyonce has this weird stop start transition thing which lost the momentum of the whole show, and than just fell flat.

  9. truth

    Oh wow hey lara b :) lol how funny u just came here to comment a min b4 I did

  10. Beyzboi

    Beyonce and by far!!!! There was way too much going on with Madonna’s halftime. The show was horrible first and foremost She had no live singing.. at all. MIA and Nikki Minaj even being there was just as stupid as the song they sang! I liked Cee-Loo though. I know Madonna is getting old, but I can’t help thinking that she could have moved a little better even, especially when you’re no singing. Beyonce did both live. Madonna is literally too old to do the dance moves she once did and she looked it. If you like Madonna better, then fine, but to say her halftime show was better is a LIE!

    • Ronald

      Age has nothing to do with the performance. You have to admit that all the world smiled at Madonna’s performance and she did not fail. Beyonce had done things before and appeared lame. Madonna brought out somthing new. The stage, that head dress, the impecable entrance and of course, the timeless hits that everyone knows!

    • truth

      I hate when missinformed people speak and not know what the hell they even talking about fistly it was madonna haters like those bitter english di ck face teabags pierce sh it face morgan and elton john who tried to imply and make it seem like she was gonna lip sing nd made it seem like she was the only one to do so if she did and now we come to see that infact everyone did and even people that are very widely acclaim for their singing including broadway and opera singers lip sing and use back up tapes just like Beyonce did and madonna did forthis show but not in her concerts and she only used parts in her sb show for timing reason and is requested by the nfl Superbowl producers most of the time for timing issues and poor sound in big sport stadiums so u haters need to stop spreading missinformed hate propagada when u don’t even know what ur talking about

  11. Ronald

    Madonna definitely. She has better music – classics and new hits. She dances better. Beyonce is also a great performer. Both divas had said good things about each other and so we should not compare them with each other. I want another diva for 2014 Superbowl half-time! Mariah or Christina Aguilera should do it!

  12. donna

    MADONNA of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (114 million views) .

  13. Christopher

    Beyonce, duuh!

  14. hazzy

    I have to look at Beyonces performance again. But’ Madonna was phenomenal and brought the Gays into the Superbowl last year. She is in her 50′s and to have viewers more than the game itself is a amazing.. I do love some Beyonce.. Michelle did look like she was about to fly off the stage when she was boosted up from the ground of the stage.

  15. truth

    Madonna show was far more eventful entertaining and artistic and Madonna is better performer and artist musician song writer and much more creative..with a hell lot more input and hands on and creative control at what ever she dose…

    Beyonce is more a vocalist and diva super model her show was boring and uneventful and lack any real artistic message or vision..she did the same as s shaking in ur face routing and clumsy fast paced samples of her songs together it felt so rushed that u could not get into the songs..its like watching a fast paced interpersonal informercial of her songs

    • Pascc

      But the big difference was that Madonna had like 4, 5 different featuring artist in her performance + the biggest thing is that BEYONCE SUNG- LIVEEE! and a far more up-beat, energetic tempo and not to mention she sung and danced simultaneously, in a crazy pace. Madonna’s show was all eye-candy…. Beyoncé’s was a PERFORMANCE!

  16. Rosalyn

    Madonna. There’s no pimp behind madonna

  17. Bob

    Eh… is this a joke? Beyonce!

  18. Patrick

    Donna Summer

  19. Fiona

    Beyonce rehearsed for 5 mths for that! Surely it doesn’t take that long to polish up repeats? Madonna however took just 12 weeks to put together a completely new show using 100′s of performers, a gospel choir and 4 celebrity acts, not to mention the amazingly innovative set which could be seen from every seat in the house, unlike Beyonce who’s video screens (from MDNA?) blocked one sides view at one point. Madonna’s was also an appropriate family show! It was pure theatre in 12 mins whereas Beyonce obviously thought she was on tour! ABSOLUTELY NO CONTEST!


  21. Julisa

    1. Who had the better setlist? MADONNA

    2. Which pop star reigned supreme as far as dance moves? MADONNA

    3. Which halftime show was more of a spectacle? MADONNA

    4. Beyonce or Madonna: who had the better vocals? BEYONCE

    5. Who came out on top for special guests? MADONNA

    6. Which diva had the best costumes? MADONNA

    7. Did Bey or Madge have the stronger opening? MADONNA

  22. Madonna of course. She is the *ultimate* show woman, world wide. Noone can match her, not even the younger ones.. She is the only one who can do..Epic !

  23. Van troy


  24. Diego Sioli

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop, of the entertainment, she needs all the effects. She’s the best. A R&B singer like Beyoncé can not be compared. Beyoncé focus in dance moves and real sing.

  25. Raphael


  26. janie

    MADONNA of course…comparing madonna to beyonce is just like ur comparing GODZILLA to SHARK jaws..

  27. jeszver wonder

    Without a doubt it’s MADONNA baby!!!

  28. Beth

    Both are talented, and did a good job but Beyonce is still fairly young I could possibly see her (at Madonna’s age) returning to perform on the Super Bowl again and surpassing Madonna’s ratings

  29. askme

    with no question, Madonna

  30. peter

    madonna is the best

  31. Josh

    One thing I noticed over the years the best way to end your career is to go up against Madonna, every female artist that tried to be compared to Madonna gets tons of press for sure and that is the goal but Madonnas fans are the most loyal Ive ever seen.. want you career to last stay away from challenging Madonna

  32. Dustin knock

    Set list? Beyonce
    Madonna managed to gather four guest. All who reign in the current generation. Appealing to a younger crowd? Lmfao seemed relevant for hype and ceelo green with the vocal support. But the new single promoted with nicki Minaj and Mia was a bit awkward and off.
    Beyonce on the other hand proved that a great performance can be done with less guest stars. The destiny child come back was relevant and rewarding to see after years of separation.

  33. Dustin knock

    Cheorgraphy? Beyonce
    Knowing beyonce, the moves she would do were predictable. Besides the fact that Madonna is a lot older, she definitely performed a whole new set of material like she always done. But before Madonna can receive the award for best moves, we must acknowledge the fact beyonce sung and danced at the same time. Not to mention having enough breath to end off with a power ballad.

  34. Dustin knock

    Spectacle? Madonna
    Madonna entered the field with a parading army on a throne, then pranced around a stage accompanied by glammed up dancers. She also had a marching band, cheerleaders and choir. Like always Madonna executes larger than life performances.

  35. Dustin knock

    Vocals? Beyonce
    Madonna performed with so much material Leaving out one of the main aspect of a live performance: singing live. Although her songs are iconic she, like most times, she lip syncs her whole performance. Beyonce like most times performed live, along with a live band.

  36. Dustin knock

    Better special guest? Beyonce
    When news broke out about Madonna headlining the halftime show, the world’s eyes was on her every move. The world expected and knew that her halftime show would be more than life. Which was. She also received the most views. What everyone doesn’t understand is that views come from the game and everyone else who tunes in just for the halftime show. The game was the highest in the history of nfl. Beyonce on the other half had way more to prove. After Madonna’s performance beyonce was listed as the next big thing. The world expected a great show but not as good as Madonna who is commonly know as the queen. Beyonce then lip synced at the inaguration which provocted a controversy. People then began to question her halftime performance. With controversy brings publicity giving beyonce every reason to prove the world wrong. Which ops he indeed did that night

  37. Dustin knock

    Wardrobe? Madonna
    Although beyonce was indeed sexy and beautiful, her choice of clothing or how much clothing was a little inappropriate. Yes Madonna had some revealing moments but for the most part she played it safe. Or at least safer than previous performances.

  38. Dustin knock

    Better opening? Beyonce
    Madonna paraded in with a army of men pulling her throne to the stage. Very strong and impressive. Beyonce, unlike Madonna, did her homeWork. Beyonce opened her show with a quote from football’s own Vince Lombardi. A winning green bay packers coach from super bowl one and two and whose name is in honor of the Super Bowl award. The quote is not only relevant for a football halftime show but foreshadows beyonces stride for excellence in her performances or in life for the audience. With only a few lights fire and a mic beyonce appears on the scene with pure talent, not an army. Therefore beyonce executed a greater opening

  39. Marcia

    BEYONCE without a doubt!

    Was I the only one who saw that Madonna almost fell? She had at least 2 or 3 close calls, The choreography was poor.
    The optics of Madge’s show was good but she herself seemed old and out of step!

  40. ReyRey

    BEYONCE OBVIOUSLY! she had the better halftime show.. her entrance was strong, she danced hard.. alot harder than madonna and she sang LIVE which madonna did not.. as for the ratings part madonna had to have 4 guest appearances of young pop stars who are hot right now to get those rating, w beyonce’s rating, it was all because of her. i remember watching madonna and everyone HATING it.. with beyonce, everyone loved it.. shes so beautiful & much more entertaining.. i love madonna but i found her halftime show incredible boring, the only thing interesting was her guests

    • REYREY B!tch please

      b!TCH please, the only beyonce song i was able to recognize was “single ladies” the rest was the same old boring @ss and weave shaking she’s been doing for years now. Madonna was fresh new and on point. she managed to have guests and include them without turning their mics down (Kelly and michelle’s mic were obviously turned down for the Beyonce show, insecure much beyonce?) Madonna had everything beyonce wishes she had: an entrance larger than life (rather than just standing there like a street walker waiting for some work) the dance moves (@ss and wave shaking are not real dance moves) guests that were incorporated in her show without being minimized due to fear of being upstaged) and THE CLASSIC HITS beyonce will NEVER have. oh yeah and Madonna had more views than the game itself, Beyonce had less than the game. ENOUGH SAID. so sit down and speak when you got actual facts and not just nonsense to say.

  41. carlos

    madonna is the queen…..much better show!

  42. LUIS



    MADONNA of course. Shes the queen of pop. Who’s beyonce?

  44. rohanknight

    Madonnas obviously spent a lot more on her show, but Beyoncé remains by far the better performer and got more out of a smaller budget.

    Anyone who thinks Maddy is a better dancer than Beyoncé needs therir head examining. Mads is 50something but even so se has NEVER moved with B’s fluency.

  45. Jennifer

    Madonna’s performance was more meaningful- like Cleopatra entering enemy lines. A gay icon crossing over to the straightest sport event in the world. In comparison, Beyonce’s show was basic at best.

  46. Hooker

    1) Who had the better setlist? Madonna. Everybody knows her songs and she came up with the best.
    2) Which pop star reigned supreme as far as dance moves? Beyoncé. Her sexy body moving with like a hundred other sexy bodies to her huge RnB hits is the best recept for a great ‘choreographie’
    3) Which halftime show was more of a spectacle? Beyoncé. Even if Madonna had Cirque Du Soleil, Beyoncé had a huger stage, better effects and hotter moves.
    4) Beyonce or Madonna: who had the better vocals? Beyoncé, obviously. We don’t need tot alk about this, but Autotune will never get along with Beyoncé’s vocals.
    5) Who came out on top for special guests? Madonna. It was great to see Destiny’s Child together again, but Kelly and Michelle just can’t get along with Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green, M.I.A., Cirque Du Soleil, LMFAO and a great gospel chor.
    6) Which diva had the best costumes? Madonna, she had more changes and they all looked good to the egyptain theme.
    7) Did Bey or Madge have the stronger opening? Beyoncé. Just… The fire, the Run The World instrumental, the running and hyped fans, Beyoncé looking at them all from above, the stage, the first vocals, F A B.

    All in all I have to say from my point of view, Beyoncé topped Madonna. But, I’d never say that Madonna was bad. Never ever ever. Madonna just remainded the world who the queen is, but it seemed like she was too focused on wanting to beat Gaga.
    Both are the best thing we have in music culture right now.

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