Taylor Swift & The Game Hang Out At The Gym, Nothing Else Matters

Feb 8th, 2013 // 2 Comments
The Game & Taylor Swift At The Gym

Meet Taylor Swift‘s new best friend: The Game. Yes, the sweet-as-pie country-pop superstar and the face-tatted rapper hung out at the gym yesterday, because that’s what you do when you’re Taylor Swift and The Game. There is nothing about this that we don’t love.

The Game posted a (highly filtered dude, cool it with the contrast) photo of the two at Game’s gym as part of his 60 Days of Fitness project which, as Complex notes, La La and Rob Kardashian have already done. Cross your fingers for a major duet. (With Taylor. We don’t really want to hear Rob Kardashian sing.)

[via Complex]


  1. Todd

    Hey, I was there! This is Powerhouse Gym in Burbank!! This is my gym!!! =) they always have celebs in there, people just don’t know about it. I saw Suger Shane Mosley the other day

  2. freakin hanging out..wtf, they just took a pix. lol

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