Gossip Get Into The Classifieds In “Get A Job” Video: Watch

Feb 15th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Gossip Get a Job
Here Are Some Options

All’s been quiet on the Gossip front as of late, but they must have been working very hard to put together their video for the new single “Get a Job,” which is a shiny, clever little gem of classified ads brought brilliantly to life. Bombshell Beth Ditto assumes a seemingly endless stream of roles — as do Brace Paine and Hannah Blilie — from diner waitress to massage therapist and, well, everything in between. 

Mostly, the fun is in getting to see the band go high-concept in a lot of goofy costumes: “‘Get A Job’ is about all the rich kids we knew when we were younger, kids who never had jobs but always had money for partying or getting their hair done,” the band said. “We would come home from our fast food jobs in greasy clothes and they would have spent all their parents’ money on handbags and vodka.” This video is probably the perfect revenge.

Watch up top.


  1. HumbertHumbert

    YAAAAAS!! Strong track, strong video. I luvs it! I really like this era of Gossip! I feel like the next video should be Into the Wild. Just throwin that out there…

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