Blue Ivy Makes Her Big Debut In Beyonce Documentary

Feb 16th, 2013 // 4 Comments
Blue Ivy and Beyonce

Blue Ivy Carter may have celebrated her first birthday last month (January 7), but we haven’t really seen her face since her newborn pics hit the web last year. In Beyonce’s new HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, we get a full view of lil’ Blue — and she looks just like mommy and daddy!

This still from the film comes during a moment in which Bey is being interviewed and someone off-camera brings Blue to her mother. Then, voila! Introducing Blue Ivy Carter. While some photos of the child have been snapped by paparazzi or posted by Beyonce, they rarely catch a full glimpse of Blue Ivy’s face. She kind of looks like a combination of Jay-Z and Bey, though she favors her father more, don’t you think?

Beyonce and Jay-Z both have been very protective of their little girl (Beyonce calls Blue her “best friend”), keeping her out of the public eye as much as possible until now. The documentary, which airs tonight (February 16) at 9 p.m. on HBO, details Beyonce’s life in the spotlight and also finds the singer opening up about more personal aspects of her life, such as her miscarriage.

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  1. BDiddleInTheMiddle

    Oh my Goodness! She is so cute!! It’s crazy she looks like a perfect mix of Jay and Bey!! Ahhh, I just want to kiss her little cheeks, so sweet! Muuuuah!

  2. ML

    You do realize she’s about 7 or 8 months in this picture. So this isn’t a current pic of her.

  3. Andrew Rod (@20Andfelrocks)

    awn so cute…but what of the chances, with a hot mom she looks more like jay, pity, but lets see how she grow up, still a very cute baby, well…obviously there’s not such a thing as ugly babies

  4. delores threatt

    i did realize that picture was 8 months/unfortunately babies do no always remain cute. let hope her feature remain small

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