Carly Rae Jepsen Announces “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” As Next Single, Saves Pop Music

Hey! Great news! You know how pop music is in a state of abject decline and everything is embarrassing? At long last, an oasis in the cruel desert of mainstream radio: Carly Rae Jepsen‘s majestic “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” is getting an official single treatment, with a radio release date set for February 19. (See the single artwork above, which appears to feature Jepsen as The Saddest Girl In The World, or something.)

The track is one of the strongest single candidates from Jepsen’s criminally underrated Kiss; “Tonight” succeeds her “Call Me Maybe” follow-up single “This Kiss,” which had a lackluster performance on the charts despite also being pretty excellent. “Tonight,” though, has big smash written all over it: With a Max Martin pedigree, a crushing electro chorus and Jepsen’s best vocals to date, if “Tonight” fails to resonate with listeners, it will serve as empirical proof that everyone is dumb and has terrible taste.

Listen below and revel in how great this song is:

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