Rihanna Shows Up An Hour Late To Her Own Fashion Show, Remains Unapologetic

Here’s the good news: At London Fashion Week on Saturday night, Rihanna debuted a collection for the British retailer River Island and it’s quintessentially Rihanna, all sultry ’90s sexbomb couture with lots of exposed skin. And high slits. Unwearably high slits.

Here’s the bad news: Rihanna was an hour late to her own fashion show, which may have bothered some folks in the crowd (just a passing suspicion), but hey, she’s still #RATCHET and #UNALOPOGETIC, and we knew that going in, so we can’t fault her too much.

At any rate, the collection is unsurprisingly chic given Rihanna’s own risk-taking sartorial swag, and as they say — better late than never. (The soundtrack courtesy of A$AP Rocky, Memphis Bleek and Rihanna’s own “Phresh Off the Runway” doesn’t hurt.)

Watch the show up top.