Adam Lambert Covers Rihanna’s “Stay”: Watch

adam lambert stay cover
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For singers these days, you’re nobody if you’re not covering Rihanna. So naturally, Adam Lambert stepped up to the plate, taking on RiRi’s hit “Stay” at a tour stop in Seoul, South Korea. This is certainly a bold choice in the wake of Vin Diesel‘s sublime Valentine’s Day rendition of the song. Some might even say you’d have to be crazy to cover “Stay” in the A.V. era (After Vin). But Lambo is just the type of crazy to pull it off.

Sorry, Vin, but your short reign is over, because Lambert destroys it, as expected. Like his live cover of “Mad World,” it’s delicate and intimate, but also dramatic and reaching to the rafters. Watch it up top.

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  • DJ

    He really is an impressive tenor. Very sublime. He not only has range but a really pleasant tone to his voice.

    • JLM

      Quite breath taking really… well done!

  • Marv

    The man can sing there’s no doubt about it. Not always a fan of his but this is an epic cover. He really is a special talent.

    • Janice Kucera

      I’m a full fledged Adam Glambert & I thought it was so wonderful the way you put it: “He really is a special talent!” I just loved that Marv, thank you!!

  • Barbara

    Adam’s cover is stunning. He now owns this song.

  • Sidney

    I cannot stop listening to Adam singing “Stay”. It’s the most beautiful
    rendition of a song ever! He’s flawless and just look at him.
    He’s like an angel singing!!!! He’s sooooo amazing….just so
    amazing…… The best there is… no one compares..

    • glamsista

      I agree with you Signey….and he does so many other songs as well or better than this. I don’t know why he continues to be snubbed especially in America. I hope things get better for him. He was fantastic and well-accepted singing with Queen. He is the best live singer I’ve seen.

  • Sherry Sullivan

    Adam’s cover of this song is beautiful and makes my heart swell with pride. He slays it. Can’t wait for more new music from him. Love his 2nd album and hope he does a mini tour in US soon.

  • melody

    Nobody can sing like Adam Lambert.. Gorgeous vocals.. I have listened to ‘Stay’ for days.. from the tease video to the above. Adam just makes me FEEL deeply.

  • Barbara Schneier

    Adam’s version is so exquisite! Can’t seem to stop listening! That Voice and the emotions he evokes is mesmerizing!!

  • kitty

    Adam has made this song his own, for sure. There is currently no male artist who can sing like this man. Any style, any song. He is the master. I predict that Stay will always be referred to as Adam Lambert’s song, and rightly so.

  • xSushi

    It’s good. Not great to me. I’d like to hear P!nk sing this song!

    • juynm

      omg that would be soo good actually! she should have been giving the lyrics cause it would sound even better

  • atomom

    Stunning–the artistry, emotion, the man himself. Whoever sings Stay must know that this cover has it all. One can try, but the Voice that has the mellifluousness, depth, and poignancy that is natural, rather than contrived, is beyond anything anyone else can produce, IMHO. Whatever the emotion the lyrics intend, Adam is able to create it; he is that magical an artist.

  • Jadam NZ

    This is the reason I love Adam, his voice is so pure and sweet. Excellent version of a beautiful song. Well Done.

  • Elizabeth

    OMFG. Adam Lambert! And the likes of autotuned Beiber and Rhianna get all the airplay. There’s many songs on his #1 Billboard album Trespassing that are just as gorgeous. Check it out……..

  • Davion

    Absolutely beautiful, there is so much color in his voice, it like a Monet painting. This begs for more.

  • Bliss

    Adam Lambert’s version of ‘Stay” has his golden vocals wrapt right around it beautifully. Well done, Adam. You’re a *****STAR*****.

  • Terry

    This is fantastic. Adam Lambert is the best male vocalist of his generation and one of the best vocalists of all time. His technique, range and control is unmatched by anyone. Yet he is so under-rated, especially in his own country. It’s a real shame. But at least some people who have never given him a chance before might listen to this and realise what they’ve been missing. A legitimate star.

  • AdamFan

    I became a fan of Adam after being dragged to a concert by a friend in Orange County, CA. The man can sing any genre of music and has a vocal range that is unpresidented. I wish the US would give him the love he has received internationally.

  • Amalia W.

    There’s only one ADAM LAMBERT. This song is the prove that nobody can sing as great as he does. Absolutely great!

  • Mals

    This is just a typical day in the life of Adam Lambert- beautifying and enhancing any song he sings. He has a massive talent that is appreciated all over the world but our “stuck in the mud” radio stations didn’t support his last album which is so good–this song at the concert was followed by Underneath which he wrote and was exquisitely performed

  • Theresa Dailey

    ADAM can sing any genre & I would like it but when ADAM does ballads I am mesmerized & captivated by the crispness of his Golden Voice. I do like his rendition of STAY but I much prefer ADAM’s own music … written & sung by him … UNDERNEATH … OUTLAWS OF LOVE … MAP … from his own Trespassing album …. so heartfelt & inspirational & filled with so much emotion …. ADAM NEVER DISAPPOINTS!


  • Sharon Bunn

    Rihanna’s video and Grammy performance of Stay was pleasant, the only adjective I can use after hearing Adam’s soulful, mesmerising performance. I like Rihanna’s artistry very much, but have to admit it pales in comparison to Adam’s soulful clarity. He lives and breathes each note, feeling and conveying each word, reeling you in to experience his journey. It doesn’t matter what genre he sings, whether rock, pop,musical theatre, blues, motown, he does it all effortlessly and authentically. His facial expressions,eyes, body language and command of his voice can bring joy as well as tears, He’s the most magnificent man and artist that I’ve ever seen. I’m stunned by his talent and admire him as a human being.

  • Lee Green

    I love him. I didn’t love this song until he sang it. He is just totally stunning. There are no words that completely capture him or his voice.

  • Trimmah

    I was not an Adam Lambert fan. I listened to him sing this song and my mouth fell open, literally! He has the most beautiful voice and his cover of STAY is hauntingly beautiful. I intend to buy both of his albums.

  • Janice Kucera

    I pray Adam comes home to make plans for a Mini Tour , for we would pay more to see him on a “Little Trespassing Tour”!! It’s just SUCH a shame that it may be impossible, money-wise, to do another Grand Tour for this “REALLY EXCEPTIONAL ALBUM!” I think it is truly the BEST album i’ve EVER heard!!

  • hich

    adam…just is the best singer live

    • J W Slater

      There are only a few really great voices, Adam has one of them. His tone is so clean, his range so extensive. He exudes soul. I wish he would start back on an American tour so that we could enjoy him in person. Hope he sings this song when he does. J

  • Nina Wolfson

    Simply. Exquisite. The man has NO peer.