HAIM’s “Falling” Video: Watch The Lush Jungle Clip

Our love affair with what Mumford & Sons’ frontman Marcus Mumford called “the fuckin’ best band in the world” continues as the sisters HAIM drop the video for their latest single, “Falling,” a swirling ’80s-inspired pop track that’s easily one of our favorite songs of the year.

The video is appropriately gorgeous; shot by Tabitha Denholm in the mountains around Los Angeles, the girls do a lot of dancing and hair-flipping (both very good thing), tempered by a lot of too-cool-for-school lounging, and very casually wrestling fish from a river with their bare hands. Impressive.

The visuals feel quintessentially L.A. but also like you’ve been transported into a faraway jungle somewhere, a universe where everyone has great hair and cool hats. Mostly, though, it strikes just the right tone between feeling exuberantly youthful while staying as complex and layered as the song itself.

Watch up top, and let us know in the comments if you know where we can get a HAIM jacket.