Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” Debuts At #1 On Hot 100, Which Now Factors In YouTube Streams

Shake Your Booty, Baauer
Just in time to catch the “Harlem Shake” Internet meme craze that broke out this month (see: the thousands of videos featuring people dancing to the trap music novelty), Brooklyn DJ Baauer becomes the first artist to have a #1 song on a newly-revised Billboard Hot 100 chart that, as of this week, now factors YouTube streams into its data, in addition to other streaming services, digital and physical sales and radio airplay. Cue up 2012 video view king PSY wondering where these chart rules were when “Gangnam Style” was stuck at #2 for two months last fall.

The official Mad Decent YouTube clip of “Harlem Shake” has racked up nearly 5 million views since it was put online in August, but the memes — particularly the one featuring the University Of Georgia men’s swimming team, which, in only two weeks, has received nearly 22 million views — are what have propelled the song into the pop stratosphere.

Baauer — “Harlem Shake”

UGA Swim Team Does “Harlem Shake”

“Harlem Shake” is now only the 21st single to debut at the top of the Hot 100 chart, and Baauer (real name: Harry Rodrigues) is the third artist so far to have a #1 in 2013, following Bruno Mars (“Locked Out Of Heaven”) and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (“Thrift Shop”).

  • Mm

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I feel like this new rule will just encourage record labels to make worse and worse music so that it becomes viral videos.

    Even if they don’t, but just focus more on making great music videos, I still feel like that is unfair to the musicians who are doing this for the music. Who won’t be able to crack the top of the charts because they haven’t spent $2 million on a video, or don’t want to release a silly song or dumb video to get hits.

    We’re going to have a lot more novelty hits, which isn’t so bad, but then we should put a lot less impact on what a number one hit means in regards to quality (which already it doesn’t mean quality by any means).


    Music is officially 6 feet under. RIP.

  • John Hollmes

    And after 10 minutes of watching all the youtube videos, you will never want to ever hear the song again

  • Fish

    This maybe the worst thing of all in the music industry,not happy of that.

  • Bhey

    They wont really inatvtigsee it until they need to. Which means that you would have to get into an accident and that is when you get into trouble So yes, it will come back to bite you very very very hard!