Jake Bugg Calls One Direction ‘Terrible,’ 1D React Over Twitter

Jake Bugg has a bone to pick with One Direction, apparently. The singer/songwriter was interviewed by ShortList Magazine, and had a few unsavory things to say about the UK super-boy band. When questioned about 1D’s title of “rock star” status because of their anti-boy band behavior, his simple response was, “Who the f**k is saying that?” Oh okay.

“It’s my job to keep that X Factor s**t off the top of the charts,” he said in his interview slash manifesto. Bugg noted that despite the fact that 1D are compared to The Beatles for their new school British Invasion, that doesn’t make them talented. “I mean, [One Direction] must know that they’re terrible. They must know.. Calling them the new rock stars is a ridiculous statement. And people should stop making it. They’ll be forgotten because young girls will grow up.” Eek! Wait until the Directioners hear that.

Meanwhile, two of One Direction have responded via Twitter. Check out Niall’s nice little pun on “bugg” below. Hopefully this mini beef doesn’t escalate – for Jake Bugg’s sake – because if the Directioners react, he’ll need an extra bodyguard…or twelve.


    A better question is: “Who is Jake Bugg?”

  • forrhail

    Really who this guy think he is calling 1D terrible go listen to one of his songs there horrible

    • Guest

      Honey, you need to calm down. I understand that you like the boys, but you need to learn to respect the opinions of others. Some like pop, others like folk, or hip-hop, or any other type of music. They have a right to enjoy the music that they choose.

  • forrhail

    Jake bugg horrible singer I can’t belive he is even famous

    • Johnyy

      Jake Bugg’s songs make sense. The lyrics make sense. He sings about something that makes sense. He is bringing Rock N Roll back. One Direction does not make any sense, and they lead to a horrible generation. They are not compared to The Beatles. They are wannabees.

  • ummm

    wat an asshole

  • Sitamsini Ch

    Actually, he is pretty talented. Atleast he’s got artistic integrity.

  • Shannon Hoefel


    He’s got a point. Arron Carter, Hanson, The Jonas Brothers, N SYNC, LFO, every boy band disappears once their fans hit puberty and are completely forgotten. Give it 10 years and no one will care about them. Beiber will follow shortly.

    They are not the next Beatles. They’re just another cute boy band, ready to be replaced by the next group of pretty-faced teenagers by the time they can grow facial hair.

    • Guest

      Actually, if you look at the fans, most of them are teenage girls to young adults. There are more prepubescent fans of Justin Bieber than One Direction.

  • forrhail

    Jake bugg is a giant jerk and he does not have artistic integrety

  • forrhail

    you do know that there is another generation right?

  • forrhail

    you do know there’s a thing called shaving and they allready have facial hair go look at a picture of zayn closley you’ll find some I’m not kidding. I’m really not kidding

    • forrhail

      i love your comments

      • Guest

        …Did you just praise your own comment?

    • Lewis

      Get a life

  • forrhail

    he doesn’t even have any taste in singers he even thinks he good and he’s not

  • 12344321

    atleast jake didnt need a tellent show to make a name for himself

    • forrhail

      who friken really cares how the made they made a name for themselfs

  • Niall Hungry

    Jake Bugg is BETTER than One Direction musicaly, or maybe is just me cause i love indie music but just think this: One Direction make me smile every day and make me stop hurting myself, while listening to Jake Bugg make me put depressive, sorry not sorry.

  • Herschel Supply

    You should know, not everyone loves folk music. folk music is exclusive, that’s why most of you (the top 40s) don’t have any idea who he is.

  • Gavin Baker

    Jake Bugg is a lot more talented then One direction, one direction don’t even wright there songs, they signed a contract that say’s, and i state, “your songs will be appropriately chosen for you”. There are also famous for the way they look and not for how they sing, do you see any pictures of Jake Bugg with lots of harts around it saying “my dream man” NO! But you do with one direction, and “forrhail” your complaining about Jake Bugg calling one direction bad, well your calling Jake Bugg bad and i’m pretty sure he has a “higher status” then you as his songs are actually in the charts so he can compare his music and say that one direction are bad, you on the other had, i’m pretty sure you haven’t got a song in the chart so keep your comments to yourself.

    • Guest

      Well, that’s not quite fair to forrhail, considering that you probably haven’t gotten any of your songs up on the charts.

  • Poopoo Hedd

    1D are a bunch of queers who suck ass!

  • Barbara

    And what if i said I like Jake Bugg and One direction as well? I like them both. Each for a different reason.

  • Eleanor

    I like them both, but jake is way better, just saying.