Did Dame Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger” Performance Save The Oscars?: Morning Mix

Shirley Bassey Oscars 2013 Goldfinger Academy Awards
This Dame Is Golden
Did You Hear?

:: Yes, Adele won Best Original Song for her 007 theme “Skyfall” last night. But the musical highlight, some are saying, of the 2013 Oscars was Shirley Bassey‘s performance (watch above) of classic James Bond tune “Goldfinger.” Leave it to a Dame. [Los Angeles Times]

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  • madison

    yes every time….

  • wowed

    It’s astonishing but sad that many people, including the talented Reese Wtihersomething, were so obviously and totally clueless about the amazing talent that they had the good fortune of witnessing live. I read a comment where someone griped about how Dame Shirley “spoke” the song. This was obviously a live performance – a flawless performance. It’s unfortunate that contemporary favor has totally discounted and disregarded the likes of Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, and so many other amazing people who didn’t flash their breasts our asses to draw attention to their real gift. If only Mariah Carrey would focus on her voice.

    • Tisha

      amazing and 76? My god. She ;looks great ans sounds evern better.
      Can’t say the same for Babs. She sounds like her brillaint voice is starting to fade.

  • Debra Ann

    Just look at the expressions on the faces of the audience and the immediate standing ovation and prolonged applause. The applause started before she completed the last note. This shows how appreciated Dame Shirley is.

    There was no standing ovation for Barbara.

  • Vicki R.

    For someone who wasn’t aquainted with her works, I had goosebumps on my arms and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. She absolutely nailed it! Belted it out would be my description. I liked the way she presented it, very chilling! She made a James Bond fan out of a “not so much of a fan”.

  • Diana

    The only classy part of the program. Such classiness is hard to find in any culture these days.

  • Jenny Latimer

    I don’t usually reply but I can not help myself. I am ashamed to say I have not heard of her but as I slumbered through the Oscars, I did awaken to this very familiar voice, so thunderous, so captivating.She sang the song the way it has been in my memory for years. I have not been able to get her song or her performance out of my mind and was curious as if she would be mentioned. How thrilled I am, so see the many comments.
    I think she was astounding!!!! I will now be venturing to you tube to be regailed with her previous songs. Thank you for your suggestions and introduction to this magnificent performer.

  • California Zin

    I was awestruck hearing Dame Shirley Bassey’s simply awe-inspiring performance. I have spent the last few days listening to songs she has sung over her years as a performer. She reminds me of Judy Garland and the powerful emotion she invokes just listening to her sing. Amen to you Shirley Bassey!

  • Mal Reese

    I went to see Goldfinger in December of 1964 — and I have had that song in my head for 49 years. To have the privilege of watching Dame Shirley Bassey perform that song almost 50 years later at the age of 76 years young was huge! Her performance was absolutely flawless. The standing ovation that she received was well deserved — I only wish that the cameras had kept recording for the entire ovation (why was the cameraman so infatuated with Reese Witherspoon?) At the end of Dame Bassey’s performance I had the goose bumps and a bit of a lump in my throat! BRAVO, Dame Shirley Bassey!!

  • M.Coley

    YES, I think Dame Shirley was the Highlight of “The Academy -Awards Show 2013.”” To be really honest, To Hear ,See Dame
    Shirley perform LIVE On America T.V. was the reason I was
    determined to watch the Show. (IF only She had performed a Medley).
    She was not on long enough, and YES, Cameraman, cheated us
    from seeing her graciously accepting”THE Ovation” . DameShirley, (in my opinion, ) Made it a “Golden Evening”
    “The Greatest of The Greats.!

  • Querino de-Freitas

    There isn’t a singer like Dame Shirley Bassey, ….I have followed this fab singer since the 6o’s and no one can entertain an audience like her…..I saw Adele on the oscars 2013 and it looked like she was a bit peeved,,,no style,,,no posture,she would have looked a little better if she did something with her hair…….well that s what I think of her…….no talent…..no voice………thanks for letting me have my say….cheers Querino