Zoanette Johnson from ‘American Idol’: 24 Zany Moments That Got Us In The Zoan

From now on, American Idol viewers will classify their lives as B.Z. and A.Z. — Before Zoanette and After Zoanette.

Twenty-year-old Idol contestant Zoanette Johnson made her grand entrance during the Oklahoma auditions. Viewers caught a first glimpse of the Tulsa native during some fantastic b-roll of her pre-audition antics that included stretches, high-kicks, bootyshaking and general entertaining of her fellow contestants and the American Idol camera crew. From her first, truly unique rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” to her group performance with the Pooh Snaps and subsequent solo performance of an original, mostly impromptu song from behind a drum set, Zoanette has truly proven that regardless of her level of singing talent, her ability to entertain is off the charts.

We have our fingers crossed that The Lady Z will be able to survive yet another round of cuts as the second group of 10 ladies is put through their paces for the Las Vegas auditions. But if not, there’s always reality TV — and our fun gallery of her best Zoan-ed-out facial expressions above!

  • Nw

    I think this is the worst season for idol, the judges are the worst and the talent they have chosen is not the best by far! This should be the last year for the show, bad for those with talent, but so far I know there is better talent out there.

  • bill

    Can,t believe ms Johnson is going to next round com,n on this is a singing contest not acting, what a JOKE

  • Daniella

    I don’t know why everyone is being so hard on Zoanette. I think that she brings a story, personality, and a unique talent to the generic roster of Idol contestants. Despite her crazy colors, nails and hair I think she really earned her way on to the stage. I watched a clip of her performance with the drums in my office and I was a little confused by that performance. Here we are and Zoanette is still in the competition which has surprised and angered a lot of people.

  • Just a Viewer

    I personally and not a fan of Zoanette. I will leave it there and not be mean spirited. I do feel she needs to show more self control when it is other peoples turn to perform. Everyone is waiting patiently for their turn to be in the spotlight; however as we saw Thursday evening… each time one of the guys took the stage, the camera would show Zoanette standing, screaming, fainting, falling and rushing the stage. So I wonder is she playing up to the camera? I feel this is unfair of American Idol do this to the other contestants when it is clearly their turn to shine. When she rushed the stage for the one contestant I could only wonder how desperate she must be to be seen and famous?
    Zoanette I am truly happy for your new found fame…compliments of American Idol. I hope this opens a door for you somewhere. I personally do not believe you are the next American Idol. That’s my opinion. Still, I ask could you please show respect for your fellow contestants as they perform? Each person is entitled to their own time without having to share it with you. If I was a audience member conducting myself as you have, I would have been escorted out of the theater. When it is your turn, be as free as you want still, respect the right of the other contestants and the viewers who would like to see all the contestants receive equal and undivided attention for their talent. I hope American Idol sees this comment as they are the ones directing the camera and the program. Thanks!