Kanye West Promises He’ll Have New Music Ready In A Couple Months: Watch

Carl Williott | February 26, 2013 10:47 am

More news from one of Kanye West‘s European concerts! While he seemed to be crabby during his London stops — going on a lengthy rant about big business and “Suit & Tie” one night, and then throwing a tantrum and his microphone — Yeezy was in a better mood in Paris. He was so content, in fact, that during his set he announced that he has “new shit” that we’ll hear in “a couple months.”

The only question, then, is if he will release this music before he becomes a father in July. Or, ya know, if he’ll just release it while Kim’s in labor to make sure we get back to talking about him. “I’mma let you finish those contractions, but first here’s a new track.” Watch Kanye’s announcement below.

[via Vulture]