Justin Bieber & Drake’s “Right Here”: Watch The Claymation Lyric Video

Feb 26th, 2013 // 1 Comment
justin bieber right here lyric video
Kid 'n Clay

Justin Bieber‘s ultra-chill collaboration with Drake and producer Hit-Boy, “Right Here,” got a lyric video today (February 26). Many lyric videos look like they were pretty easy to make, but this is not one such lyric video. Featuring claymation words moving across a nighttime cityscape partly made up of giant speakers, it looks to have been a painstaking endeavor for the animators.

We’re not even sure Bieber was alive when claymation was still a thing; regardless, the result is a pretty cool combination of retro animation and futuristic beats.


  1. gregoryd

    What is it with these slow boring album filler songs lately from Justin. Don’t they know that most people want to hear booty shakin fast beat stuff. The new songs on his acoustic album are all slow boring stuff. I mean they are ok but the biggest hits ever are always fast beat and something you can dance to. These songs are ok as fillers but they do not warrant hit status or even worth a video in my opinion. I just don’t get it.

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