Fun.’s “Why Am I The One” Video: Watch The Stylish Clip

It’s time to have a little fun.! Well, actually, their video for “Why Am I The One,” the latest from their massively successful sophomore LP Some Nights, isn’t that fun at all — it’s wistful, really, but “wistful.” isn’t a very good band name. Still, the clip is very stylish, and cleverly executed. Following the gents of fun. on a string of adventures as accompanied by a weathered leather suitcase, there’s certainly some good times to be had (a poker game and a motorcycle ride, no less!), but it weighs heavily on the footage of nattily dressed dudes Nate Ruess, Jack Antanoff and Andrew Dost more so than on that narrative thread.

Of course, everyone is terribly chic and the video looks expensive, and in terms of evoking a feeling, it’s a job well done; maybe a little too clean-cut to evoke the nostalgic Americana vibe that they were aiming for (it’s no Lana Del Rey‘s “Ride,” after all), but a very fun. take on the same theme.

Watch up top.