One Direction’s Harry Styles Named NME’s “Villain of the Year”

Despite the massive flocks of screaming tweens that seem to follow them everywhere they go, it turns out that One Direction is not universally adored. Case in point: The group took home a couple less-than-honorable awards home at last night’s NME Awards. The awards show (which is fan-voted) named 1D “Worst Band.” Additionally, curly-haired, slow-spoken heartthrob Harry Styles was named “Villain of the Year.”

Unfortunately (fortunately?), the boys were not on hand to accept either of the awards, having set off on their Take Me Home Tour just a few days ago. However, Styles tweeted in response last night:

It is kind of a coup: He beat out Prime Minister David Cameron, Skrillex, Psy, Fred Macpherson and Azealia Banks, while the group won (lost?) over Muse, Mumford & Sons, Alt-J, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran.

We can’t imagine why anyone would call the overwhelmingly charming Styles a villain (perhaps Taylor Swift had a hand in this!), but as his tweet suggests, he doesn’t seem too worked up over it. If he or any of the boys are, well, at least they have their sold-out world tour and the aforementioned gaggles of squealing girls to console them.

[via MTV News]