Tyler, The Creator Hates Your Trap Music & Your High Fashion Hip-Hop

Tyler, the Creator sat down with The Fader to talk about his new album, Wolf, and his Odd Future crew. But mostly he riffed on a few things he hates. The Cali rapper said he’s friends with the OFGWKTA guys because they laugh at the same stuff (such as people falling), but that, like any close group of friends, they truly bond over their common dislikes. Several of which happen to be very fashion-focused: “We hate the same shit […] We hate leather. I would never wear leather pants. Recently all these rappers are into stupid fashion Tumblr bullshit. For example, I didn’t know what Givenchy was until Kanye said it […] It’s sad that everyone’s a fucking follower. Those are the kids that I hate.”

When pushed on the inherent contradiction that appears when he admits that he used to dress like his idols (e.g. Pharrell) and that his fans dress like Odd Future members, Tyler specified that he means he hates adults who are followers. “I’m talking about 30-year-olds that follow whatever is hot at the moment,” he said. “Same thing with music. Everyone now is making this trap shit just cause people will probably like it more so they’re making what people fuck with. That’s the mindstate everyone has and that is annoying as fuck.”

I guess that means we won’t be hearing any trap on Miley Cyrus‘ new album — though we can’t know for sure, because Tyler didn’t talk about their collaboration here. But he did talk about making a girl “put crackers in her ass,” so, yeah.

Read the full interview over at The Fader.