Mariah Carey Enlists Hit-Boy & The-Dream For New Album, Says It Will Include “Raw Ballads”

It’s kind of amazing that, after all the nonsense leading up to this season of American Idol, here we are paying WAY more attention to Mariah Carey‘s music news than we are to any backstage Idol drama. Of course, it helped that her contribution to the Oz The Great And Powerful soundtrack, “Almost Home,” was such a killer song. And now we’re hopeful she has some more killer songs on the way, after she revealed to Billboard that she has enlisted the hyphenated help of Hit-Boy and The-Dream for her new album.

In addition to those high powered producers, Mimi recruited her old pal Jermaine Dupri. “I was and still am in a very prolific space,” she said. “I could say, ‘Let’s stop now.’ But that’s not who I am, and that’s not what I want this record to be. I really want the fans to love this record.” Carey also said there are “a lot more raw ballads than people might expect.” Sounds like maybe she’s channeling Beyonce‘s 4 playbook, and that Idol hasn’t served as a distraction at all. These are all good signs!

Carey also appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael today (March 1), where she chatted about raising her twins (a.k.a. Dem Babies). Hushed awwws ensued. Watch it all below.

  • tahoegeminii

    what music?? her hideous flop triumphant or that last minute boring sound track for Disney that sounded alot like the totally boring cash in on Obama song she tried to pedal after the election-sounds like copying anything beyonce is doing because she is actually selling CD’s?? you don’t “channel” someone who is still alive by the way-and it’s MeMe’s career that is dead-only thing keeping it still convulsing in deaththrows is her nasty backstabbing treatment of Minaj on Idol

  • Jess

    Considering the success of “Beautiful” and Mariah’s upcoming album, why not do a feature on Mariah’s 10 best songs or something?

    • Bradley Stern

      That’s a great idea! I’ll pass it along. We should definitely make that happen.