Justin Bieber Had The “Worst Birthday,” According To His Twitter

Mar 2nd, 2013
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Poor little Biebs. Just as we were all popping sparkling grape juice in celebration of Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday yesterday (March 1st), the Pop wunderkind denounced the day shortly after being so excited about it. “Worst birthday,” he tweeted, while ten hours prior he had “Big night ahead” as his Twitter status. What happened in those couple of hours? Did it have something to do with the gas mask?

Nope. E! News reports that Justin’s circus-inspired birthday at Cirque du Soir in London didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Apparently, Justin’s posse didn’t mesh well with the club security, and Justin’s party had to leave. The reason? UK’s Daily Mail mentioned that considering guests like Biebs’ rumored 17-year-old girlfriend Elle-Paige Roberts Clark and 14-year-old buddy Jaden Smith were in attendance, the two didn’t meet the legal drinking age of 18 at the club Bieber frequents. They were denied entry and left within minutes.

This happened quite early into the evening, and Bieber marched right back to his hotel room following the incident. The Beliebers took to Twitter with the hashtag #BeliebersHatePaparazzi. Whether the paparazzi caused this whole thing is unknown. Better luck next year, Justin. Hey, the good news is at least he’s sad about something other than Selena Gomez, right? We’d like to call that “progress.”


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