Morrissey Takes Shots At Beyonce, But King Bey Is ‘BEYOND’ It

Mar 3rd, 2013 // 2 Comments

Someone should inform Morrissey of what “beef” really means. Friday night (March 1st) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the former Smiths frontman held a concert that quickly evolved into a public service announcement. Everyone knows that the British legend doesn’t eat meat, but who really knew the extent of his vegetarianism?

First off, Morrissey canceled his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past week upon finding out that he’d be sharing Kimmel with A&E’s cast of the hunting reality series Duck Dynasty. He then had the Staples Center not serve meat on the night of his concert. According to Billboard, even Paul McCartney didn’t have enough pull to make that happen. Morrissey even mocked McCartney in his show for not having that power despite the Beatle’s tie to the Queen of England.

The Beyonce tirade happened during the concert, when Morrissey came for Bey over her purse collection, stating that her bags caused “the extinction of the rhinos.” He then pontificated even further by following with a performance of The Smiths’ “Meat Is Murder.”

Coincidentally, Beyonce loaded two flicks on Instagram the next day, donning a fitted that read “BEYOND” above the brim. There’s a message for ya, Morrissey. Tell PETA her mink is draggin’ on the floor.


  1. LIES!!!

    I’m so sick of these righteous people! PETA and so forth are bullies!

    Hot dogs were still served at his concert. He’s so dumb.

    Most importantly, her name was never mentioned at his concert. Some media started this. I think PETA started this to get some attention.

  2. moz

    You’re the dumb one, NOT Morrissey. I was at that concert and he very specifically mentioned her name.
    No REAL meat was served at the concert, it was all vegan.
    And that’s funny that you consider Peta the ones to be bullies. You must have no idea how your food is made, I’m pretty sure that serves as grounds for “bullying”

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