Kerli’s “Chemical”: Idolator Premiere

Put your hearts up, Moonchildren! The stars have aligned, allowing us to bring you Kerli‘s “Chemical” before it debuts on iTunes next week. The platinum-haired bubblegoth siren serves up intimate acoustic gorgeousness with her latest offering from her Utopia EP, out on March 19.

Like her earnest “Love Me Or Leave Me,” the song finds the fairy-loving Estonian pop princess spilling her acoustic soul all over the speakers. But this time, she’s not agonizing — in fact, she’s intoxicated. (By love!) “This love is more than chemical/It feels unusual, and I can’t get enough,” she slowly croons above a gentle piano melody and subtle strings. We have no idea who’s kerling up with Kerli to make her kroon like that — but he or she is the lucky one, indeed.

“Chemical” is a pretty tune, and further proof that Queen Kerli’s capable of serving up seriousness alongside her spacey club jams. Check it out below.

Kerli — “Chemical”

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  • Stevan


  • Michelle

    It may be because I heard it performed live before I heard the studio version, but TOO MUCH AUTOTUNE. otherwise, beautiful song.

  • Nick Colosimo

    I love this song so much!

  • Auan

    This song have a chemical with me!

  • Ygor Born

    Kerli is amazing, I love all her new songs

  • Alessandro Giosi

    She’s amazing…
    So much love

  • Angel

    amazing voice, i love kerli ♥

  • Leeh Moonchild

    lol kerliiiiiiiiiiii

  • Mickey Wondrland

    I got to experience this song live by Kerli, it is amazing! I will see her on Saturday at the SXSW show.

  • Katie

    Fab! Absolutely beautiful Kerli!! “One Love.

  • Carlos Jimenez

    i love this song its beautiful

  • Ferdz

    Amaaazing track! Can’t wait for the ep

  • シあお アレツャントレ


  • Carly Ann

    I love herr and this song its amazing!!!

  • DayGlo StarKade

    Yet another beautiful hit Kerli! I. L. U. 4EVER!


  • anthony

    good song

  • yanick

    Fantastic vocals