Scissor Sisters Member Del Marquis’ Solo Album ‘Cosmos’: Listen To Song Snippets

Mar 5th, 2013 // 2 Comments
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Slow Knights Del Marquis Cosmos 2013 album

Okay, try to keep up here. You may recall that in January, we premiered a song called “Say Ooh Damn” off Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis‘ most recent mixtape, Tickle. Now Del, whose real name is Derek Gruen, has announced that  his solo album Cosmos — released under the monicker of Slow Knights (still with us?) — will be out on March 26.

The important thing to note here: the album sounds absolutely fantastic. That’s no surprise, given that Gruen worked on the tracks with Prince‘s Diamonds And Pearls-era band the New Power Generation. Sampling snippets of songs like “Shame,” “In The Quiet,” “Legendary Children” and “Sweet Harmony” below, you’ll hear synthpop, soul jams and straight-up funk.

Slow Knights — Cosmos sampler

A press release notes that Slow Knights really operates as a collective, and artists involved include Bright Light Bright Light‘s Rod Thomas (who can be heard on “In The Quiet”), Xavier Smith, Chrissie Poland, Bridget Barkan and Mykal Kilgore. Del — er, make that Derek — produced Cosmos.

Consider this absolute music to the ears of Scissor Sisters fans still smarting over the band’s hiatus.


  1. Dustin

    This sounds so throwback and so fresh at the same time! I LOVE it!

  2. The Kinsey Scale

    Wow this tickles my circa ’85 Scritti Politti whoseewhatsit! And that’s a good thing!

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