Michael Jackson Demanded MTV Call Him “The King Of Pop” At Least Twice Per Week: Morning Mix

Mar 8th, 2013 // 13 Comments
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Did You Hear?

:: According to a passage in the book I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution, the moniker “The King of Pop” was bestowed on Michael Jackson by… Michael Jackson. Rob Tannenbaum and Craig Marks report that MJ decided he wanted a nickname like “The Boss” or “The King” and decided on “The King of Pop” in early 1991, insisting that MTV refer to him by the superlative at least twice a week and that any network airing the video for “Black or White” do the same. [BuzzFeed]

:: We try not to talk politics too much here at Idolator, but this one was just unavoidable. Recently, Senator Marco Rubio took the floor during a filibuster, and he drew some lines from “modern-day poets” Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z to relate to the debate. Though, since they were talking about domestic drone policy, it probably would’ve made more sense to quote El-P‘s “Drones over Brooklyn.” [Billboard]

:: Demi Lovato has revealed that she recently discovered she has a long-lost half-sister. The two just connected within the past year, and the sis is in her 30s (so unfortunately there will be no Parent Trap/Lizzie McGuire Movie shenanigans). [Celebuzz]

:: Like a true rockstar, Prince didn’t leave the stage at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week without first smashing his guitar. The only problem is it wasn’t actually his axe. The Purple One had borrowed the instrument from The Roots‘ Kirk Douglas. However, Douglas has assured the public that there’s no bad blood: Prince’s camp reached out and is paying for repairs on the 1961 Epiphone Crestwood. [WENN]

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Music On TV:

:: Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) — Michael Bolton (repeat)
:: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (repeat)
:: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) — The Mowgli’s (repeat)


  1. bob

    You can find references to Michael Jackson being called ‘King of Pop’ going right back to the early 80s when Elizabeth Taylor first called him the ‘King of Pop, Rock and Soul’. After that the media and fans used the phrase ‘King of Pop’ without having to be told.
    Somebody’s blowing out of their behind to get headlines.

  2. You got that right, bob! Per usual for MJ “experts”.

  3. leave the man alone, they took his life but they cant take his tittle….. he was called the king of pop before 91 ,,, in the 80s by liz taylor, sick people

  4. Celiag

    You know this isn’t true so why do you persist in making up rubbish. Even the most basic research would tell you Elizabeth Taylor used the term first.
    Its so tiring reading rubbish.

  5. This snippet from the book suggests that ” I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution” isn’t worth the paper its written on.

    MTV have always enjoyed a joke at Jackson’s expense – don’t think they have ever forgiven him for bringing their corporate prejudices to public attention – but this is so obviously untrue that the joke is on them this time.

  6. Michael jackson NEVER CALLED HIMSELF – The KING OF POP!
    On February 8, 1984, New York Post printed an article about MJ called him King of POP!
    See this picture (copy of the article!) –


    MJ Fans, please copy the pic link and post it on MTV site or everywhere where there is this nonsense!

  7. ALSO there was the 1984 Chicago Sun-Times article referring to MJ as the “reigning King of Pop”:
    And many news articles / TV reports throughout the mid-to-late ’70s referred to MJ as the “Prince of Pop.”

    MTV? WTF!

    These are the repeating efforts how to reduce and weaken any global success of MJs projects!
    EACHTIME Michael rules the global success in showbiz, each time there are competing interests.
    Such articles/books like this one have always appeared on the net with one purpose: to demonize Michael Jackson as an artist and as a person with fabricated stories pretending seriously, because… there is nothing negative to write about…. and the worldwide successes of MJs projects simply always dont fit for the showbiz players=MJ was the best seller, he earns more than anybody else in showbiz, he owns Sony/ATV – the biggest music publishing company valued at 3 billion…. and so why not to degrade him ans his status… by MTV, that MTV Michael elevated to the worldwide music brand!

  8. Diana

    So, what? Even if it’s true, if the public didn’t think he deserved the title, it wouldn’t still be used today. We see much more laughable gimmicks by current stars with half his talent and achievement to inflate their statuses.

  9. Reported what?? It was ELIZABETH TAYLOR who called him the King of Pop, Rock and Soul at the Soul train Heritage Awards in 1989. And this is WIDELY reported, go on youtube. What’s wrong with you morons?!

  10. And here is the video evidence – from 3:10 to 5:00 where Oprah explains the title King Of Pop and Michael answers that he never called himself the King Of Pop:

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